Ani Ma’amin

An exploration of the impact of the Holocaust on American Jews

Produced by: Keshet Dance Company, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Ani Ma’amin Production Summary

Ani Ma’amin (Hebrew for “I believe”) is powerful and thought-provoking modern dance piece exploring the impact of the Holocaust on American Jews. Choreographed by Shira Greenberg, the 85-minute piece runs with no intermission. Five dancers recreate the experiences and themes expressed by multiple generations beginning pre-war and culminating at the present-day. Dynamic and emotional movement is threaded together with poetry and video testimonies from Holocaust survivors and children of survivors, with footage compiled from the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education.

“Keshet’s five company members revealed an intense dramatic energy as they moved through this tightly designed dance with clean, strong technical skill….[the use of the stones as props] was one of the most moving and beautifully designed symbolic use of props this viewer has experienced….[the choreography and production] was totally absorbing, yet never morbid.” – Jennifer Noyer, Albuquerque Journal Review

Feedback from audience members in Minneapolis and Albuquerque:

“One of the best and most moving pieces of modern dance that I’ve ever seen. This is what modern dance should all be about.”

“The dance was fabulous…emotional, compelling and truly beautiful. One of the most incredible dance performances I have ever seen in my life.”

Ani Ma’amin as an Educational Tool

This production is a useful and powerful educational tool for Middle and High School students. School Matinee productions are encouraged (free admission is encouraged), and Keshet will provide a custom- created, 50-page Curriculum Guidebook at no cost for all educators who plan on attending Keshet Dance Company’s Ani Ma’amin.

All performances can be followed by a Q&A audience discussion session to provide an avenue for the community of performers and audience members to process and discuss the work while exploring their reactions to the event and the intense subject matter. Through Ani Ma’amin we open a dialogue about diversity, tolerance, and anti-Semitism in our history and our present lives, through which the young audiences can examine and discuss their own thoughts and actions.

Feedback from Participating Students:

“I was in such agreement….that we still have not won the war of racism in the world today. Some people may think that nothing too bad happens in the world today, but we don’t realize all the labeling we do, and at such a young age.”

“This affected me because I never really realized how harsh the Holocaust really was. It brought me ten times closer to understanding.”

“I agree [with Felicia Weingarten’s video testimony]….we have not won the war until we put an end to prejudice, racism and bigotry.”Ani Ma’amin

Performance Description:

Divided into 7 segments: Pre-War; The Holocaust; Post-War; First Generation;SecondGeneration; Third Generation; and Today; Ani Ma’amin uses a variety of music styles including pieces composed within concentration camps by victims of the Holocaust and by Jewish composers written in response totheHolocaust.Silenceis interspersed and variations of the song, Ani Ma’amin are heard twice within the production.

Themes of loss, hope, tradition, fear, oppression, intolerance, indifference, belief, family, community, perseverance and more are explored. This production is intended to be a process for both the performers and the audience: it stems from discussion; it leads to discussion; it is not an end point. It is not a comment on a definitive perspective, it does not intend to state that we have discovered, measured and defined “the impact of the Holocaust on American Jews.” Rather, it intends to express a community’s voice – a small slice of the results of our own explorations on the impact the Holocaust has had on American Jewish lives. This impact is ever changing. No two experiences are alike. Nor does any one person’s experience remain the same over the course of their lifetime. But as in all things Jewish, we discuss, we question, we wonder, we pray, we laugh, we cry, and ultimately, hopefully, we believe. Ani Ma’amin.

USA Tour Availability:

Ani Ma’amin is currently booking for February-August 2010

Technical Rider:

Full technical rider available upon request This production is quite versatile and can be adapted to fit a wide variety of venues. Lighting requirements are easily simplified depending on venue. Marley floor is preferred, but not required; a safe dance floor (preferably sprung) is needed.


PERFORMANCE1 performance:$5,000 Each additional performance:$2,000 each

TRAVEL & HOUSING:Travel and Housing expenses for 8 individuals (6 female, 2 male)

*New Mexico Presenters: Keshet is currently pursuing funding to support this tour in New Mexico, in which case fees can be negotiated and adjusted to fit your needs based on your particular community.

Accompanying Educational Tools Available:

School Matinee Performance are appropriate for Middle and High School Groups. Accompanying 50-page curriculum guidebook is provided at no cost for all educators participating in the school matinee opportunity.

o FEES:Foreverypublicperformancebooked,Keshetwillprovideaschoolmatinee performance at no additional charge. Additional School Matinees: $1,000 each.

Question and Answer period following each performance – 30-60 minute discussions with the dancers and choreographer for public and/or school audiences.

o FEE: Free post-performance workshops with dance program students.

o FEE: Free Master classes within the university/college dance program. This can focus on material from the production, or be a non-related master dance class by Keshet.

o FEES:$85/90-minclass;$100/120-minclass

Ani Ma’amin Contact and Booking Information: Shira Greenberg, Artistic Director Keshet Dance Company 214 Coal Ave SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, 505-224-9808 phone, 505-842-0309 fax.