2017 Fellowship for Contemporary Dance

Keshet is proud to announce the 2017 Keshet Fellow, Silva Laukkanen (Austin, TX). Fellowship period is January 2 – 22nd, 2017

Performances of Together and Apart:
Friday, Jan. 20 @7:30pm;
Saturday, Jan. 21 @ 7:30pm
and Sunday, Jan. 22 @ 2pm


General: $15; Student/ Senior/ Military: $10

From the studio to the pavement to the stage, Together and Apart asks what impact does our environment have on choreography. Furthermore, how and if it impacts the relationship between the dancers? Together and Apart challenges the definition of performance by taking its audience on a physical journey from the outdoors to a traditional stage.  Sensing the pavement under you, as the dancers move through the streets. Taking in the smells of the local grocery store as they dance down the aisles.  Hearing a pin drop through the sound of steel and motor oil as you ride with them on the city bus. Come and experience your environment through dance in and around Albuquerque and join us at Keshet Center for the Arts to see our duet put on a stage where we want to share the scenes, and the colors that we found on our urban journey.

Photography: Pat Berrett

Dance Video: Reinhard Lorenz
additional Camera: Jon Lofquist
Thanks to: First Eye Films

Silva Laukkanen

Silva Laukkanen

Silva Laukkanen loves dance. She loves movement. She loves diversity. She loves the beautiful moments that are created in space by bodies telling stories. During a chance opportunity to teach dance at a rehabilitation center in her native Finland she was reminded of the trans-formative power of movement in the lives of everyday people, and because of this experience she decided to re-focus her career on community and mixed-ability dance. Her passion lies in researching, offering and experiencing dance in a non-traditional settings with non-traditional dancers. Using her passion for both choreography and performance she has worked with Remix Dance Company and SCORE in Cape Town teaching children and adults in local communities. She is a Certified Dance Ability Teacher since 2003, and has given workshops in Finland and England for mixed aged and ability groups, including a two year stint teaching a weekly class for the Finnish mixed ability company Magic Dance. She was introduced to Forklift and Body Shift in 2010 as a participant during its inaugural event and since then has been part of Body Shift as a teacher and choreographer. She also hosts the DanceCast podcast in which she explores through conversation dance involving non-traditional movers in non-traditional settings. Silva holds a BFA in Dance from The North Karelia College of Outokumpu and a post graduate degree in Community Dance from The Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK.

You can find out more about bodyshift at bodyshift.org and by liking bodyshift page on Facebook. You can also listen and subscribe to the DanceCast Podcast via iTunes or bodyshift.org

The 2017 Fellowship for Contemporary Dance Selection Committee includes
Maggie Bergeron (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Ariana Brawley (Beckett, Massachusetts)
Debra Cash (Boston, Massachusetts)
Jennifer Edwards (New York, New York)
Michelle Ellsworth (Boulder, Colorado)
Julie Nakagawa (Chicago, Illinois)
Erika Randall (Boulder, Colorado)
Sydney Skybetter (Providence, Rhode Island)
Julie Voigt (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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The 2017 Keshet Fellowship for Contemporary Dance is made possible through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts.