Keshet International Dance Festival

Year-round programming of performances, master classes, shindigs, gatherings and makers space with international and national visiting contemporary dance artists at Keshet Center for the Arts; bringing global to local.

Navarasa Dance Theatre

Navarasa Dance Theater photo by: Alphonse Roy and S M Raju


Navarasa Dance Theater photo by: Alphonse Roy and S M Raju


Saturday 18 / 7:30 pm

Sunday 19 / 2:00 pm
Navarasa Dance Theater (India/Boston/LA) world premiere of Snake and Ladder

“Snake And Ladder” by Aparna Sindhoor, S M Raju and Anil Natyaveda

Choreography: Aparna Sindhoor and Anil Natyaveda

Script: S M Raju

Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukapally

Costume: Miranda Giurleo

Set Design: Vic Browder

Light Design: Tim Wilkins

A Navarasa Dance Theater production opens in Albuquerque, NM in collaboration with Keshet Center for the Arts and will be touring in the US, Canada and India starting in 2017.

Performance: Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda, Smitha Radhakrishnan, Leah Vincent, Kennedy Kabasares, Sonia Bologa, Elysia Pope, Mercedes Arechiga, Gabrial Gonzales and Sakuntala Mardhavi

This production was made possible with partial funding from the Malavalli Family Foundation, Wyomissing Foundation, New England Foundation for the Arts, friends and family of Navarasa Dance Theater and Keshet Center for the Arts.

Navarasa Dance Theater founded by Dr. Aparna Sindhoor is a pioneering South-Asian American Dance Theater company with a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary works inspired by Bharatanatyam and folk dance forms, martial arts (Kalarippayattu), diverse theater and music traditions, aerial dance, yoga and storytelling.

Navarasa Dance Theater’s new project titled Snake and Ladder is inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s celebrated film “Seventh Seal”.  While Bergman’s film is the seed of inspiration, Snake and Ladder takes flight from that into a contemporary dance theater with a cutting-edge story line, magical choreography and multi-cultural casting.  The name Snake and Ladder comes from the ancient Indian game and is the one that “Death” plays with the Prince (in Bergman’s film “Death” plays Chess with the knight).  Snake and Ladder will explore universal concepts such as death, war and the transcendent power of art through narrative, movement and music.  The story is set in a dateless period where the prince of that region has returned from war.  Death has come to take his life and the life of a traveling artist.  While the prince challenges death for a game of snake and ladder the artist uses his art to evade death.  In Navarasa’s Snake and Ladder the idea of Death is not a monolithic entity but an ever-evolving presence: at times seductive, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes irritating but always present.  While addressing complex issues such war and PTSD, the performance will also bring to stage the virtue of art, its healing power that helps us survive the tragedies and brings us hope.



Makers Space Experience

Dancers/Choreographers!  Do you need SPACE to work on your ideas?  Learn more about the Keshet Makers Space Experience!

While Keshet Dance Company has been in existence since 1996, only recently have we opened the Keshet Center for the Arts (2013), and in doing so, we created the Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community to support arts entrepreneurs through business classes, office incubator space, a newly launched fellowship for contemporary dance, and multiple “makers space” opportunities.  The focus of the Keshet Makers Space is simply to provide choreographers with space to develop their craft, at whatever stage that might be…newly germinating ideas and/or final development of full productions. The Keshet Center for the Arts currently has 4 studios and a 220-seat black box theater.

The Makers Space Experience structure is one in which visiting artists can come in and use the space for free in exchange for providing a few master classes during their time at Keshet.  These classes are open to the full community, but are primarily intended to provide opportunities for makers space participants to take classes from each other and learn from and about each others’ work.

The upcoming Makers Space Experience will run February 5 – March 12, 2017.  Interested dancers/choreographers should contact Keshet for a brief interview/discussion.  Once approved, you will then set your schedule, booking as many hours as needed of studio space, until the hours fill up. Participants are currently ranging from a company from India that is using two full weeks, 6-8 hours/day, and world premiering a new production in the theater…to an independent choreographer from Wisconsin coming in for 2 days to have a few hours of studio time each day…so really anything goes.

The final weekend of the Makers Space Experience includes the Keshet Choreographers’ Showcase, so if you are interested in developing work that culminates in presentation, the Choreographers’ Showcase can provide that opportunity.  This is completely an optional “add on,” as many people use the Makers Space Experience to develop ideas without the expectation of a finished product.

The Keshet Makers Space Experience does not cover travel/housing costs, but we provide free access to space, free classes during your visit, lots of sunshine and oodles of love.  So if you or someone you know might benefit from this type of space and experience and would like to come hang in New Mexico for a bit, contact to start the process of joining us for the next Keshet Makers Space Experience.

To learn more about master classes and visiting artists, call 224-9808. CLICK HERE