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Master classes at Keshet Center for the Arts are typically for professional dancers/movers or university-level dance students (unless otherwise indicated). Master classes are given by specialty faculty or guest artists.

Check back regularly as Makers who visit Keshet Center for the Arts to create work, often hold a master class during their stay.

Tuesday, February 25; 3:00 – 4:30pm
Cost: $15 Drop in; or use a Keshet Dance Class package

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Lewis Cooke’s movement is inspired by the many forms he has studied such as, contemporary, floor work, kathak, boxing and movement practicality alongside this it is influenced by breaking, capoeira and gymnastics. Lewis’s dance career took flight when he performed works by Akram Khan and Jasmin Vardimon whilst in National Youth Dance Company & has since worked with Anton Lachky, TRIBE// Company and Hannes Langolf to name a few. He has always had a passion for movement, creativity and playfulness. Hence why he decided to create his own practise called, RelaxtoErupt which since founding 2 years ago has gone on to continually teach all over Europe, America and Scandinavia. 

RelaxtoErupt is a physically demanding movement practice helping to discover 0% – 100% of energy and tension within the body and its capacity of movement. We will perform drills utilizing how expansive the body can be whilst transitioning in and out of the floor as effortlessly as possible. RelaxtoErupt focuses on playfulness, curiosity and pushing our bodies away from where is naturally comfortable in order to find new pathways. A workshop or class is finished with a phrase Lewis Cooke has created using principles of RelaxtoErupt which will be shared throughout the session.

The reason Lewis has decided to call RelaxtoErupt a practise is because he encourages mistakes, failures and the constant development within it. He feels in a lot of cases when something is called a technique people sit back and go through the comfort zone within a specific structure rather than constantly searching for their own personal development.

RelaxtoErupt is designed for people who have a passion for movement and are looking to expand their movement vocabulary. If you come from a dancing background you will most likely pick up certain phrases quicker. However Lewis would not discourage anyone from coming if they have a curiosity and drive to learn from RelaxtoErupt.


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