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Keshet cultivates personal growth and technical excellence by mentoring, challenging and empowering students through the experience of dance in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

(Registration opens April 19th) Learn more about Summer 2021 Dance In-A-Bag – click here

Weekly Classes for Youth & Adults

Virtual Winter/Spring Session: January 18 – May 8, 2021

Registration is now OPEN and ongoing for online, live Zoom classes

To view a PDF of our Online Winter/Spring 2021 Class Schedule –DOWNLOAD HERE

Virtual Summer Session: June 7 – July 31, 2021

Registration opens April 19th and is ongoing for online, live Zoom classes

Para ver un PDF de nuestro horario de clases sesión de verano 2021 — DESCARGA

To view a PDF of our Online Summer 2021 Class Schedule –DOWNLOAD HERE


  1. If you are a new student, your contact information has changed OR you/your dancer have not danced at Keshet since Summer 2020, please email frontdesk@keshetarts.org to request to fill out an Information and Release Form (IAR).
  2. Click this link to Register: HERE 
    If not directly automatically, select the “Community Classes” tab
  3. Click the “Sign Up Now” button to the left of the class of your choice (tip: use the calendar at the top of the page to advance to a date in the future)
  4. Create an account with the dancer’s name – not the parent’s name. Create a separate account for each dancer.
  5. Follow the prompts

Sliding scale pricing for online classes is available. You choose the price point that works for your family.

$30 One Online Class plus a donation to Fund a Friend for one class
$15 One Online Class
$7.50 One Class – Half Scholarship*
$0 One Class – Full Scholarship*
* In this class structure, any Scholarship comes with no expectation to complete ANY class exchange hours.

NOTE – In your Checkout Cart you can select to purchase more than one class at a time (Similar to a class package, when you signup for individual classes it will draw from your account)


The weekly, Online Dance Party – is FREE and open to all ages and abilities.
You can find the Zoom link on the Facebook event HERE
The Party will open at 4:15pm MST and start at 4:30pm MSTS each Thursday, January 21 – May 6, 2021 (June 7 – July 31st, 2021)
** If you are a new student, your contact information has changed OR you/your dancer have not danced at Keshet since Summer 2020, please email frontdesk@keshetarts.org to request to fill out an Information and Release Form (IAR).
This season of Online Community Dance Classes is made possible in part with support by:

Dance for Older Adults: Fine Wine Dance (Moving FWD) – ages 55+

Keshet’s Fine Wine Dance (Moving FWD) class brings together individuals ages 55+ to explore movement and choreography as a community within an engaging and exciting workshop series.

Learn the building blocks of contemporary dance choreography including:

  • body awareness
  • space mapping
  • movement qualities
  • movement vocabulary
  • performance elements
  • improvisation techniques

During COVID-19 we are also providing Online Pre-recorded Classes for all ages and abilities

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see classes including:

  • Mommy & Me (2-3yrs)
  • Creative Movement (4-8yrs)
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz (ages 4-5yrs)
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz (ages 6-8yrs)
  • Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop (ages 4-7yrs)
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop (ages 8-10)
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop (ages 9-12)
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Fitness (ages 13 – Adult)
  • Mixed Ability – Ballet/Contemporary and Creative Movement

Keshet YouTube Channel – CLICK HERE

Financial Aid for Classes

During COVID-19 – all online classes are available on a self-selected sliding scale to accommodate your budget – 50% and 100% scholarships are still available, however no volunteer trade is required.

Keshet Class Exchange Program/Financial Aid for Classes

Youth Class Exchange

Keshet’s goal is to ensure that everyone, no matter what ability level or financial status, has the opportunity to dance. Therefore, Keshet offers unlimited, noncompetitive scholarships to youth under 18 participating in Keshet’s community classes. Anyone who applies for this scholarship is accepted! 

** For online-classes, class fees are offered on a sliding scale from $0-$15 to make these classes accessible to anyone who wants to dance. There is no class-trade requirement for online classes.

How does this program work for in-person classes?

The scholarship award comes with a required exchange of time in order to complete the Class Exchange Agreement.  How many hours are owed is determined on a sliding scale from 3.5-9 hours depending on how many classes a week your child is taking and what monthly payments are. For example, if you register at the beginning of a 16 week session and opt to pay $0 for 1 class a week, you will owe 3.5 hours by the end of the session, 16 weeks later!

During Keshet’s most recently completed fiscal year, over $70,000 in financial aid was awarded to dancers of all ages. Youth Class Exchange Applications must accompany a completed Class Registration form. These forms can be completed in person 15 min. prior to the start of class time or downloaded below.

    Adult Class Exchange Program (ages 18+)

    Keshet is looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to join our Adult Class Exchange team!

    This program allows adults 18 and over to take class in exchange for work hours. The Adult Class Exchange – Full allows adults to work in exchange for class on a 1:1 bases- 1 hour of work= 1 hour of class.  Don’t have that much time to complete your exchange hours?  We also offer the Adult Class Exchange – Half! This program allows adults to pay half the cost and work half the hours. Depending on when you register, this could mean you’d pay as little as $6.30 per class!

    For both Adult Class Exchange programs, hours danced and hours worked are predetermined and must be agreed upon by the Community Resource Manager and the participants prior to class registration.  Interested? Please fill out an Adult Class Exchange Info Sheet or contact Keshet’s Community Resource Manager, Marissa Reynolds at Marissa@KeshetArts.org

    The Adult Class Exchange Program has rolling enrollment however,  if you wish to dance in consecutive sessions, you are required to sign a new agreement with updated availability and class registration at the beginning of EACH session. Applicants must be 18 or older to apply and must participate in an interview and orientation/ training prior to acceptance into the program. No dance experience is necessary. Call, stop by or click on the link below for more information.

    Mixed Ability/ Adaptive Dance Program

    Mixed Ability/ Adaptive Dance Program

    Mixed Ability is a way of teaching in which participants of different abilities are taught together in the same class. Other terminology is integrated dance, inclusive dance, or adaptive dance.

    Keshet’s teaching faculty conducts dance classes and workshops for youth and adults with varying levels of physical and developmental abilities to create professional-quality dance works in a mixed abilities environment. As a result, dancers and audience members share in the idea of unlimited possibilities through the experience of dance.  

    ** During COVID-19 season, join the all ages, all abilities Weekly Online Dance Party

    The Zoom link to sign-in FREE, is in the Facebook event here: https://fb.me/e/5wxwnIdMa

    Dancers of all abilities, call 505.224.9808 or email info@KeshetArts.org today to find the right class for you!



     “Dancing has changed my life because I feel like I don’t have a disability when I dance.  On stage, I feel free, and I feel beautiful.”

    -Tonya, 25

    Guest Artist Master Classes
    With Keshet’s International Dance Festival and Makers Space, various guest artists from across the globe come to Keshet Center for the Arts to create and/or showcase work. Guest Artist Master Classes are open to the public. For details on Master Class Schedules – CLICK HERE
    Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

    Keshet in the Community

    Since its inception in 1996, Keshet’s talented teaching faculty has been connecting community members with dance in an effort to build a stronger community. Programming includes workshops, classes, and performances in libraries, youth shelters, detention centers, schools and community centers throughout New Mexico. Participants in Keshet’s Community Engagement gain self-confidence and self-discipline by challenging themselves to use their bodies in new ways and by working together with instructors and other participants.

    Custom classes are available for cross-training athletes and teams:
    Athlete_CrossTraining flier
    Gymnast_CrossTraining flier

    Keshet’s on-going community engagement includes:

    M3 Program at Youth Diagnostic and Development Center (YDDC)/Foothill High School

    Keshet’s outreach facilitators teach daily dance classes as part of the high school curriculum on site at YDDC, New Mexico’s state juvenile detention facility, using dance to teach literacy skills, math skills and conflict resolution skills. Keshet also has a pre-release and post-release program to continue mentoring students while they transition out of the facility, providing a structured mentorship program through the parole and reintegration process. – LEARN MORE

    Title 1 Homeless Project

    The Title 1 Homeless Project is an after-school program that provides academic tutoring and a hot meal to homeless children in Albuquerque. As part of the program, Keshet’s outreach facilitators teach 8-10 classes per week at elementary, middle and high schools throughout the city, reaching approximately 250 homeless youth annually.

    “Keshet has brought joy to our students. You have enriched our children’s lives significantly.” – Helen Fox and Katy Braziel, Title I Homeless Project Coordinators

    Adult Support Services

    Keshet faculty teach a weekly creative movement class at Keshet Center for the Arts for partners who provide assistance to adults with disabilities.

    Booking Keshet

    Keshet customizes programs to meet the needs of the participating organization. Keshet is always looking for ways to provide more community members with the opportunity to dance. If you know of an organization that may be interested in Keshet’s Community Engagement, please contact us at 505-224-9808 or email Ana@KeshetArts.org

    Examples of Community Engagement classes include: senior activity centers, pre-schools, high school dance teams, homeschool groups, City of Albuquerque – library classes

    “Keshet Dance is an excellent example of using the arts to help our young people help themselves.” Alexander D. Crary, Former Chief of Staff, National Endowment for the Arts

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