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What is KIIC?

KIIC is a program operated through Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts providing resources and community mentorship for arts entrepreneurs of all genres, at all stages in their careers and/or organizational development.

KIIC is a business resource center and incubator for emerging and experienced arts entrepreneurs.

KIIC is a community of local and global arts entrepreneurs creating, growing, collaborating, learning, teaching, stumbling, enjoying, exploring, and flourishing.

KIIC is program to support and strengthen arts entrepreneurs on their path of sustainability, championing the value of the artist and the arts economy, by equipping creative industry businesses with the tools for success.

Why use the term “arts entrepreneur” instead of “artist” or “company/organization”?

The focus of KIIC is to support the business entrepreneurship aspects of the artists and arts endeavors.  We know YOU know your art.  We are here to help with the business aspects of developing, supporting, and sustaining your art.

(P.S. For entrepreneurs to flourish, they need creativity and a spirit of risk-taking…and artists already do that! So if you haven’t yet considered yourself an arts entrepreneur, you are already doing the entrepreneurship work! Good job already!)

How do pronounce KIIC?

KICK  (just like “I’m an artist and I kick some *&%^”)

What does KIIC do?

KIIC operates MULTIPLE programs including arts-related business education, makers space, art to market opportunities, and much more!

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community Program Descriptions

Makers Space Experience
10-day residency cohort periods in which dancemakers have access to daily rehearsal space, technique classes, business training, and peer support as they develop new work. Housing provided next door to Keshet at the Hampton Inn.

Fellowship for Contemporary Dance
4-week paid residency, includes option for final production supported at Keshet Center for the Arts (theater, technical support, marketing support)

Hear Here Festival
musicians/composers are paired with dancers/choreographers to create a collaborative project over the course of a concentrated creation period

Resident Artist/ Company
customized guest artist residency periods ranging from a few months to a few years; unsolicited applications are not accepted

Choreographers’ Showcase
opportunities for emerging and seasoned artists to present their work in a community showcase; no fees to participate, no stipends provided, just a gathering of community work; comp tickets provided to choreographers

Dance Education/ Open Classes
community classes and company classes taught by Keshet faculty; and master classes taught be visiting artists

Business Education/ Open Workshops
business classes provided for Arts Entrepreneurs in any arts genre taught be Keshet faculty, local business educators, and visiting guest instructors; open to public at affordable rates / free for KIIC members

Apprentice Program
pre-professional education for students 18 and above; 3 tracks are available – dance performance; dance education; arts administration

Young Arts Entrepreneurs
weekly classes and summer camps geared toward youth interested in entrepreneurship / business classes

Office Space/ Tenant Community
below market rate office space available for arts entrepreneurs incubating in any genre at the Keshet Center for the Arts

KIIC Membership
annual membership for individual artists and arts organizations of any genre and/or business model; members receive free access to all business workshops and many other benefits!

Feedback and continued evolution of the KIIC Program

KIIC is a living, breathing, and evolving program (since we are living, breathing, evolving artists and arts organizations)!

What are you missing as an arts entrepreneur?  How can we help?  Please keep us informed of your ideas, needs, challenges, successes, etc!  Thank you!

Don’t Starve!  Make Art!

Become a KIIC Member

Membership dues for KIIC:

  • $120 annually for an arts business or organization
  • $60 for an individual artist.

Membership is available year-round.

KIIC Member Registration_Renewal BIZ.ORG

Individual_KIIC MEMBERSHIP Registration_Renewal Application

KIIC Membership Benefit Info


KIIC Membership Benefits include:


Business Development: FREE ACCESS to KIIC Workshops & Events

  • KIIC Members receive FREE access to all workshops and events within the KIIC Program.
    • Individual Artist Members receive free admission for the single artist member registered
    • Arts Business Members receive free admission for up to 5 people per company, per event

 Mentorship and Resources

    • Access to below-market rate financial services and bookkeeping support
    • Access to supportive environment of arts entrepreneurs
    • Discounts for various community resources as available (consultants, workshops, etc)
    • “Shadow” learning opportunities within existing arts businesses

 Keshet Discounts: Rent, Tickets, Dance

(Advance scheduling/reservations required)

  • Free use of conference room/meeting space at Keshet Center for the Arts for up to 12 hours per year
  • 15%-60% discounts on rental rates (Rehearsal Studios, Black Box Theatre, Soundstage, etc)
  • 25% off tickets to all Keshet Center for the Arts presented/produced events
  • 50% off all Class Packages for any Keshet Dance movement or fitness classes

Application Opportunities…KIIC Members are also eligible to:

  • Apply to become KIIC Tenants.

Tenants receive all of the benefits of KIIC Membership, plus have an office at the Keshet Center for the Arts at a below-market rate, and receive the deepest rental rate discounts for all other Keshet spaces.

  • Apply for the Apprentice Program.

Customized for each Apprentice to align with their individual personal and business goals, the Apprentice Program is made for those who want a more intensive training curriculum leading to a professional career in the arts but are not interested and/or able to pursue this in a university or college setting, and/or is seeking further, pre-professional training. The Apprentice Program has three tracks:

  • Dance Performance
  • Dance Education
  • Arts Administration
Arts Business Workshops

You’ve spent years honing and practicing your art – now learn some of the business skills that could help you to make a career of living your passion.

All KIIC Arts Business Workshops are FREE to KIIC members; any arts entrepreneur is welcome to take advantage of the classes/mentorship and mixers at market rate (as indicated). To learn more about KIIC Membership email

November 2018 – Coming soon


“I came because I didn’t know anything about how to do this, but by the time I left I thought ‘Oh hell, I can do that!”-
— Designer & Workshop Participant
“For an hour and half there was a lot of useful information packed in. It provided focus and some goals to better use social media forgrowing my business.”
– Independent Artist & Workshop Participant
“I’ve sent out one press release and, thanks to the KIIC workshops on those little jewels, am totally delighted with the results!”
— Writer & Workshop Participant

Artist Resources and Opportunities

Artist Resources and Opportunities

Secretary Gonzales and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, commissioned a study, Building on the Past, Facing the Future: Renewing the Creative Economy, ( which further quantifies the economic impact with the following figures; The arts and cultural sector – contribute $5.6 billion to New Mexico’s economy each year; contribute $2.2 billion in wages and salaries annually; and generate $137 million in revenues for state and local governments.

To receive an Arts Resources email each month, sign up for KIIC news at

Makers Space – LEARN MORE

Keshet Fellowship for Contemporary Dance – LEARN MORE

Connect with KIIC Members

Current Members (as of February 7, 2018)

Member Genre Website
Etkie Jewelry
Albuquerque Circus Arts Dance/Performance/Cirucs
Siren 13 Media Film & Theater
Soiree Entertainment Dance & Performance Arts
Mother Road Productions, Inc. Theatre
Georgianna Pena-Kues Fiber
First Eye Films Film
The NM Inquisition Theatre/Performance/Comedy
Turquoise Trail Performing Arts Performing Arts
Artful Life LLC Multidisciplinary Arts and Community Engagement
Anna Horst Dance and Theater
Betamorph E-Cigs and Recording Music, recording
Maple St Records Music, recording
Devi Piper Dance
Emily Snell Dance, Theater, Costuming
Esteban E Garza Dance
David Lopez Lujan Visual Arts
Vincent Kirby Theater, Dance

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