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Keshet Makers Space Experience

The Keshet Makers Space Experience (MSE) is a cohort-based residency program in which choreographers / dancemakers have access to rehearsal space, peer movement classes, arts business workshops, and the New Mexico skies, as they explore their art form and their projects at whatever stage they might be – newly germinating ideas, final development of full productions, and/or anything in between.

Each MSE Cohort provides a unique opportunity for artists from across the country and world to gather at Keshet for a 10-day residency as they explore, move, share, and create. It is also a unique opportunity for the Albuquerque community to enjoy getting to know these amazing artists.

2024 Makers Space Experience

February 28-March 9 & April 5-15, 2024
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
10-day choreographic residencies

Keshet’s cohort-based residencies provide:
studios / rehearsal space
peer-learning movement classes
business workshops for arts entrepreneurs
housing throughout residency period
sunshine and love

Application deadline: October 31, 2023, 5:00pm MST

Application Opens: September 10, 2023 – APPLY HERE!
Application Closes: October 31, 2023, 5:00pm MST

Preview application questions here!

2024 MSE Application here!

All applicants will be notified of their application status by December 1, 2023. Selected applicants will be required to confirm participation by December 15, 2023.

Previous Makers

Previous Makers

2023 Keshet Makers Space Experience Cohorts/Artists

Cohort 1 

Cohort 2

  • Alfonso Cervera, Champaign, IL // alfonsocerveradance // @fonzy110990
  • Christian Denice, Westlake Village, CA // @cdenice
  • Daniel Morimoto, Brooklyn, NY // @digitalmovementdance / @danieldances
  • Natalie Deryn Johnson, Brooklyn, NY // nataliederynjohnson.com // @ladyderyn
  • Magnolia Yang Sao Sia, Inglewood, CA // magnoliayangsaoyia.com
  • Sunny Min-Sook Hitt, Brooklyn, NY // sunnyhitt.com // @sunnyhitt

2022 Keshet Makers Space Experience Cohorts/Artists

2020 Keshet Makers Space Experience Cohorts/Artists

Cohort 1 

  • Marika Brussel, San Francisco, CA  //  www.marikabrussel.com
  • Erik Ehn, Albuquerque, NM  //  wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Ehn 
  • Samuel Horning, Brooklyn, NY & Chicago, IL   //  www.instagram.com/sammmmach/
  • Ani Javian, Metuchen, NJ  //  www.anijavian.com
  • DZ Maciel, Brooklyn, NY  //  www.dzmaciel.com
  • Dazaun Soleyn, San Francisco, CA  //  www.dazaunsoleyn.com

2019 Keshet Makers Space Experience Cohorts/Artists

Cohort 1 

  • Mary Fitzgerald, Phoenix, AZ  //  www.maryfitzgeralddance.com
  • Kate Ladenheim, New York, NY  //  www.thepeoplemovers.co
  • Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs, New York, NY  //  www.instagram.com/cecilialynnjacobs/
  • Amber Moon Peterson, Helena, MT  //  www.instagram.com/_._ambermoon_._/
  • Molly Ross, Brooklyn, NY  //  www.instagram.com/mollyeross/
  • Nola Sporn Smith, Brooklyn, NY  //  www.instagram.com/spornographer/
  • Eileen Standley, Tempe, AZ  //  www.eileenstandley.com
  • Kelly Ashton Todd, New York, NY  //  www.kellyashtontodd.com

Cohort 2

  • Kristofer Bergstrom, Los Angeles, CA  //  www.k–b.org
  • Adrienne Clancy, Silver Spring/Maryland  //  www.clancyworks.org
  • Stephanie Miracle, Santa Barbara, CA  //  www.stephaniemiracledances.com
  • Erinn Liebhard, St Paul, MN  //  www.erinnliebhard.com
  • Anat Shinar, Minneapolis, MN  //  www.instagram.com/anatperforms/

Cohort 3

  • Annalisa Dias, Washington, DC  //  www.annalisadias.weebly.com/
  • Kayla Farrish, Brooklyn, NY  //  https://www.kaylafarrish.com/
  • Amanda Krische, New York, NY  //  www.instagram.com/amanda.krische/
  • Marina Magalhaes,  Los Angeles, CA  //  www.marinamagalhaes.com
  • Yvonne Montoya, Tucson, Arizona  //  www.yvonnemontoya.co
  • Linda Ryan, St Muncie, IN  //  www.liryanmovement.com
  • Paty Lorena Solorzano, Brooklyn, NY  //  www.girasoladances.com

Makers Space Independent Residencies (2019):

2018 Keshet Makers Space Experience Cohorts/Artists

Cohort 1

  • Julianna Bulgarelli, Los Angeles, CA  //  www.linkedin.com/in/julianna-bulgarelli-35bb79148/
  • Bradforn Chin, San Francisco, CA  //  https://bradfordchindance.wixsite.com/home/bradford-chin
  • Kaitlin Flynn Goodwin, Pittsburgh, PA  //  www.courdance.com
  • Kayla Harley, Washington, DC  //  www.kaylaharley.com
  • Sarah Hogland Gurule, Albuquerque, NM

Cohort 2

  • Marissa Brown, Brooklyn, NY  //  www.lonekingprojects.com
  • Taylor Mitchell, Chicago, IL  //  www.instagram.com/mitchellmovement/
  • Amal Rogers, Minneapolis, MN  //  www.instagram.com/amalamalamal_/
  • Anat Shinar, Minneapolis, MN  //  www.instagram.com/anatperforms/
  • Tanya Winters, Austin, TX  //  https://www.facebook.com/tanya.winters

Makers Space Independent Residencies (2018)

2017 Further Seeds….Keshet’s Fellowship for Contemporary Dance 

  • Silva Laukkanen, Austin, TX  //  https://www.linkedin.com/in/silva-laukkanen-926595157/
  • Tanya Winters, Austin, TX  //  https://www.facebook.com/tanya.winters

2016 The Originals!  The Seeds!  The Program Shapers! We called it the Rio Grande Movement Collective this year!


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