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New Mexico Arts & Justice Network (NMAJN)


  • The New Mexico Arts and Justice Network (NMAJN) is a statewide network housed under the long-standing non-profit organization of Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts.
  • NMAJN provides structure and coordination for the collaborative work of community-based arts organizations in partnership with public and private entities working with system-impacted youth and young adults, leveraging the reach and expertise of our community to amplify impact, provide thought leadership for the field, and serve as a model for effective collaboration.
  • NMAJN serves system-impacted youth and young adults in New Mexico, and is made up of people who envision a future where youth are empowered, and where the systems that serve them are transformed by centering arts as a way to build the wellbeing of young people & their communities.
  • NMAJN provides support and “connects the dots” between efforts and initiatives in:
    • Direct Service
    • Job Training and Return-to-Work Initiatives
    • Research & Evaluation
    • Policy / Advocacy / Community Education
    • Professional Development / Peer Learning
    • Sustainable Funding


Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts established 1996

 Keshet’s M3 Program (Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis), was created in 1997 and uses a movement-based curriculum to teach academic subjects, social skills, and conflict resolution techniques to incarcerated and paroling youth.

  • Keshet’s M3 curriculum model is currently taught daily in the NM Juvenile Justice system, tracking:
    • a 28% increase in academic skills within a single semester
    • an average of 20% reduction of negative incidents for participating youth as compared to non-M3 students
  • Keshet’s M3 Program includes a post-release track, supporting youth through parole & reintegration.
    • Youth in Keshet’s Post-Release program track a 0% recidivism rate.
    • In 2007, New Mexico’s HM 108 was passed “to commend Keshet Dance Company on its dance programs, its educational and social curricula and its provision of mentorship relationships for incarcerated and paroled youth, all aimed at reducing juvenile recidivism rates.”
  • In 2016, Keshet received funding to codify and pilot M3 in five communities across the United States, leading to:
    • the M3 Program being utilized within JJS programming in Minneapolis, MN; Helena, MT; and Washington, DC.
    • an inter-departmental curriculum generated in Boulder, CO (CU-Boulder) between the Law School and the Dance Department
    • the Monticello School District (Monticello, NY) becoming the first school district in the US to adopt a restorative justice practice policy district-wide.
  • In 2019, Keshet received $1,000,000 in private funding to launch the NM Arts and Justice Network

For more information or to inquire about your community getting involved, contact Shira Greenberg, Shira@KeshetArts.org

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