Don’t Miss "Anemoia"!

by Tamara Johnson, independent reviewer

Anemoia, the newest work by Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts, is a coming-together in multiple, gorgeous ways. The title of the piece means “nostalgia for a time or a place one has never known.” At a time when it’s easy to feel estrangement, Keshet takes the concept of nostalgia for the unknown and invites the community to imagine and know it, together—to bridge distances, share ideas, and embrace.

That invitation is not only the message of Anemoia, but also its methodology.

The choreography for this project was inspired by the reflections and hopes of diverse artists who had never met. Convening virtually, the artists shared responses to questions like “In which spaces in your life are you happy?” and “What are your dreams for the future?” This process formed creative common ground where the language of dance gives voice to collective yearnings and hopes.

The open invitation of this project is emblematic of Keshet’s belief that dance is inclusive. The cast of over 40 dancers comprises Keshet company members and students as well as members of the Albuquerque community who answered a call to participate. The stage of Anemoia is peopled with multigenerational dancers from all walks of life, including some who have never performed before. The resulting performance is totally sincere, totally beautiful.

It is also totally relatable. The dancers and the choreography express the feeling of places and dreams so clearly that the audience feels right there, a part of the halcyon vision. Nostalgia for the enchanted forests and singing rivers of your own experience may well come to mind.

“We began the rehearsal process for Anemoia in early 2023, inspired by a desire to connect and find common ground with individuals and artists from backgrounds far different from ours in the United States,” states Keshet’s Founder and Artistic Director, Shira Greenberg. “This work feels particularly relevant at a time when ‘othering’ is so common, and the ability to see the authentic humanity in each other is necessary for global compassion and local community care.”


Anemoia premiered November 16 and ran through November 19, 2023, at the Keshet Center for the Arts in Albuquerque, NM.

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