DATE: July 7, 2021

Letter from the Director COVID Response and Reopening Updates!

Hello wonderful Keshet Community!!

Guess what!?  Our fall schedule of classes will begin on August 23rd with a variety of options for students ages 2-102 with both in-person and online classes!  The full schedule of classes will be available mid-July on our website!

In the meantime, we will be finishing out our Summer Session (through July 31st) with the remainder of our virtual Zoom classes and in person pop up classes in the parks!

Please note, that as we re-open Keshet Center for the Arts for in-person programming, the Keshet Community is still taking precautions to keep all of our staff, students, and families as safe as possible.  This means:

·        masks will be worn at all times in the building regardless of vaccination status for ages 2 and above;

·        classes will have capacity limits to make sure there is room for all students to move and dance safely;

·        pre-registration for classes is highly encouraged;

·        we will be limiting the lobby capacity to one person/family member per student; and

·        the lobby will be operating on limited hours surrounding in person class times;

For the most up to date info on our policies and practices, visit keshetarts.org, and for more information on the fall session of ongoing Drop In Classes, specialty Pop Up Classes, and our new D3 Class Series Program (Deep Dive Discovery), please visit our website or email info@KeshetArts.org.

Our fall/winter production schedule is in the works with plans for two new productions premiering in October and November 2021!  And we are making plans for our Makers Space Experience Residency Program to return in 2022!

We will continue to monitor changes in guidelines and recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and State Department of Health, and will adapt to changes as needed over the coming months. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and we are excited to share the beautiful experiences of dance with you in person again!

DATE: May 5, 2021

Hello wonderful Keshet friends and families!

We are excited for the positive strides our state is making in vaccination progress with a continued eye on safety for our amazing community!  You might be wondering what our plans are at Keshet for summer programming and beyond!? While we know there are more in person events we are eager to get back to, we at Keshet are keeping health and safety as our number one priority, and we are going to take our time as we ease back into in-person programming inside of the Keshet Center for the Arts facility (but see below for info on upcoming outdoor pop-up events)!  We understand some folks may be ready for a higher volume of in-person dance programming sooner than others, but we are erring on the side of caution because we love you!  And we love our staff!  And we are listening carefully to health experts and helping our community access vaccinations so that we can all be safe to re-gather and dance and celebrate the beauty of movement in person!  If you haven’t already registered for the vaccine – you can do so HERE.

We hope you will be able to join us for some of the fun events we have going on this summer at Keshet:

  • Do you miss dancing in person?? We do too!  Keep your eyes out for Keshet Pop Up events held on different Saturday mornings throughout the 2021 summer at a park/public space around ABQ!  These events will be announced by the Tuesday of each week preceding an upcoming Saturday Pop Up experience!
  • Weekly Classes for youth and adults will continue to be held via Zoom for the safety of our teachers and students.
  • Keshet’s beloved weekly dance party will continue through the summer via Zoom, as well!
  • Keshet Summer Dance Camps weeks will be COVID-safe “Dance in a Bag” experiences with a Keshet Dance Bag of GOODIES to pick up each Monday from Keshet’s parking lot; a daily Community Zoom warm up; fun daily activities to do with the goodies and prompts found in your Keshet Dance Bag; and a culminating Zoom community sharing performance event at the end of each week!
  • We’ve got a few virtual performances and events happening over the summer, too!  All of these events are either free or on a sliding scale ticket price (with free options) and you can purchase tickets to any of these virtual events HERE.
    • Sat, May 8, 2:00-3:30pm MST: Keshet’s 25th annual Spring Dance Concert – via Zoom!
    • Sat, May 22, 3:00-5:00pm MST: Keshet’s 25th Birthday Party Open House – via Zoom!
    • Wed, June 23, 10:00am MST: Keshet and Israel International Arts Exchange – via Zoom!
    • Sat, July 24, 2:00pm MST: Keshet Dance Company 25th anniversary Retrospective – revisit a sampling of some favorites from Keshet’s history of company works, and enjoy two NEW company work being premiered – Via Zoom!
  • And lastly, an update on a few programs that are still remaining “paused” for the time being:
    • Our beloved Makers Space Experience will remain paused, with more reopening information to come in early 2022.
    • Community Performances will similarly remain paused, with more information to come later this year on our plans for 2022.

Later this summer (early August) we will be announcing our plans for our fall session!  And it is our sincere desire that this fall with bring more opportunities to dance in a studio together in small groups.  But we will keep you posted on our plans for enacting those next steps as we get closer to the fall session.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to the beautiful art of dance, and for your support of Keshet, and for being a part of our beautiful Keshet extended family!

If you have any questions, or would like more information on getting involved in any of the above-mentioned programming, please feel free to reach out at info@KeshetArts.org or via phone at 505-224-9808.

Sending virtual hugs and love to you all,


DATE: AUGUST 3, 2020

Dear wonderful Keshet community,

Due to COVID-19, Keshet will continue to provide all of our community education programming virtually throughout the full Fall/Winter session (August – December 2020). We will continue to diligently review health and safety information to determine the most appropriate course of action for programming that begins in January 2021. [Please see previous post related to our COVID-19 response dated May 16, 2020, as this all still holds true – BELOW THIS LETTER]

This means that all community programming (group classes, events, rehearsals, etc) will not be occurring at the Keshet Center for the Arts through the remainder of 2020. As has been the case since mid-March, we will continue to develop, explore, and implement creative ways to bring you connection, inspiration, and the joyful experience of dance. In addition to online programming, this might mean (when safe for socially distanced experiences) community parks, rooftops, sidewalks, car dancing, and more! Embracing our motto of “unlimited possibilities,” who knows what Keshet experiences might be heading your way in the coming months!

Our amazing teaching faculty has been hard at work this summer crafting new online curriculum and is so excited to connect with our students online! A unique “silver lining” to this is that many Keshet friends from all over the country and world can now join in our online classes together!

We recognize that there is no replacement for in-person arts programming. At Keshet, this profoundly impacts our creative spirits (as well as our financial bottom line), however, we also know that there are times that our world and our bodies require us to hit the pause button. This is one of those times. As artists working in the embodied art form of dance, we are called upon to listen closely to the needs of our physical bodies, and of our community. Safety and health are paramount to our operations, and to our world at large. As an arts organization, we are called upon to dig deep into our creative-thinking muscles as we navigate this time of physical distance, and we will continue to do so as a connected, committed, and loving community.

We understand that some locations have chosen to resume in-person/in-studio group dance classes, however we at Keshet do not feel that this is a safe option for our community, our students, our teachers, nor our state, at this time. We understand that every student needs to make the most appropriate decision for themselves, and we support all of our students and families as they determine the appropriate choices for dance training during the duration of this pandemic.

If you have thoughts and/or ideas of how you’d like to connect with Keshet during this time, please let us know how you’d like to engage with us, we’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, we will continue to offer a robust offering of weekly online classes, we will continue to work diligently at the intersection of arts and juvenile justice, we will continue to support arts entrepreneurs with workshops and trainings, we will continue to pursue systemic change in our communities, using the art of dance to bring joy and transformation to our lives and our world.

Shira Greenberg,
Keshet Founder and Artistic Director

DATE: MAY 16, 2020

“So what’s the plan at Keshet?”

Hello wonderful Keshet friends and family,

We know there are many conversations going on right now surrounding when folks will physically re-open, and in what manner. And we know that you, our community wonder the same from us. What’s the plan at Keshet? What’s the timeline? Under what percentage capacity will we gather? In which government approved stage are we given the green light to go back to business “as usual?”

These stages, and percentages, and timelines have so many different reasons behind them – informed by economics, science, livelihoods, personal employment needs, living situations, community health, personal or family health risks, and so much more. And each business, each organization, each individual, will need to determine what is the right time and in which stage and within what percentage they will re-open, re-engage, re-“as usual” themselves.

While we at Keshet respect the many processes and varied timelines each business in our community will consider, the decision for our own organization must put community health at the forefront of our decision-making. Before economics, and regardless of phases. You may ask when you say “community health” who exactly do you mean by “community?”  We mean each individual student dancer, young, old or in-between with whom we so desperately miss teaching, and learning from, and every family member of each student to whom they return home after a class or a rehearsal with Keshet. We mean each company member with whom we so desperately miss rehearsing with and weaving magic with through dreamy, powerful movement, laughter, and sweat. We mean each audience member with whom we so desperately miss connecting. We mean each beautiful guest artist that we so desperately miss welcoming to New Mexico to join us in the unique Ideas and Innovation Makers Space. And we mean so many more……

So where does that leave us? What does this mean? Right now, this means we need to be patient and cautious, and we need to give ourselves permission to mourn the loss of the experiences we will not have together while we wait. You may ask, but what exactly are we waiting for?  While it’s hard to pin down, we are waiting for new developments to make it safe in our world to re-enter the contact sport of dance. We are waiting for new developments to make it safe once again to sit amongst each other during the connected experience of absorbing the beauty of live art together in a theater – breathing the same air, laughing together, crying together, as our heartbeats inevitably connect.

You might ask, what new developments are you freakin’ waiting for Shira? You still haven’t answered the question, when are you opening?…and I get it, I understand your impatience.  Am I waiting for a vaccine?  Yes, maybe.  Do I realize that this could take years?  Yes, I do.  Do I realize that “a vaccine” means more than just the vaccine?  That this means I’m also waiting for things like manufacturing, distribution, global cooperation, unraveled politics, the hopeful circumvention of corruption and greed, new realities cracking through embedded and rotted systemic inequities to make sure our entire community can be safe.  Yes, yes I do.  Ok, so maybe it’s not the vaccine we are waiting for, maybe it’s rapid testing resources to provide to every person that physically enters our “community.” If that’s what I’m waiting for, do I realize that this means somehow I’d need to get my hands on about 1,000 test per week, and the people to administer them, and waiting areas for people to wait for their test results prior to every class, performance, and event? Yes, I do. Is that realistic? No, not really. Do I realize that just because rapid testing resources might be available to some, that doesn’t necessarily mean arts organizations are getting first dibs at enough testing kits to ensure the safety of every student, staff, and audience member that comes through the door? Yes. And yes, I know that some “contact sports” will re-emerge more quickly, and folks may say, but they are playing basketball again, why can’t we dance? The reality is that the NBA has different resources than Keshet. Should all arts organizations have access to these same resources, social value, and support as professional sports, absolutely, but only one soap box at a time here, folks.

Anyway – my point is, I don’t exactly know what we are waiting for, and I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. But I do know we are waiting. And we are navigating how to stay connected, even though online connections pale in comparison to the magic and meaning of this personal, vulnerable, and beautiful art form that so unites us as humans. And I acknowledge to you all that I know this sucks. I very much do.  I also know that I love my community. I love Keshet.  I love my fellow artists.  I love my fellow audiences. And I can’t let economics drive my decisions. I can’t even let my own selfish desires drive my decisions, which so very desperately want to get back in the studio/rehearsal/ class/theater with you all. I so very desperately want to welcome an audience with a goofy curtain speech, and so very desperately want to yell counts and run around the studio challenging 8 year olds and 20 year olds and 80 year olds to be even more expressive than they thought they could be. And I so very desperately want to celebrate the vibrancy of this art form with you all at my side. But we are waiting. 

And while we wait, we will continue to embody our mission of “inspiring and uniting community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship, and a creative space for the arts.” While our physical spaces may have changed, our mission absolutely has not. I find immense joy and comfort knowing that we have an amazing team of creative and dedicated people here at Keshet. And while socially-distanced dance programming may not have been our first choice, you better believe this Keshet team is coming up with fantastic plans, brilliant programs, and incredibly fun events that will keep us moving and growing; inspiring and uniting.

So there will still be connection. And there will still be art. And there will still be joy. And there will still be movement and magic. And there will certainly still be Keshet. But that will look so different, you say? Yep, you are right.  It’s not the same. It’s different and it’s uncomfortable. But from different and uncomfortable somehow emerges new. So we will ground ourselves in this season of different and we will explore the nooks and crannies and nuances of discomfort, and we will learn more about this weird space of electronically connected solitude. And Keshet will hold tight to our mission and our motto of unlimited possibilities. And we will wait, we will listen, we will mourn, we will rejoice, we will connect, we will experiment, and we will certainly make some mistakes along the way. But we will hold our community paramount as we re-invent, re-construct, and re-imagine the possibilities together.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for being a part of our community, centered in the beautiful and transformative art of dance.

With love and gratitude to each of you,
Shira Greenberg

Keshet Founder & Artistic Director

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