Keshet’s first annual Anonymous Community Demographic Survey is LIVE

 In our continuous efforts to better serve and understand our community, we are excited to announce the launch of Keshet’s first annual Anonymous Community Demographic Survey! This survey aims to gather essential data that will help us secure funding, as well as gain valuable insights to ensure that our programming serves the diverse needs of our community. We invite everyone to participate and make their voices heard! The survey will be open from June 6 through June 27.

 Add your voice to our community and fill out Keshet’s Anonymous Community Demographic Survey today – it will take 10-15 minutes to complete and will help Keshet with grant funding, community programming, and to make sure we are properly serving our community – YOU! 

 The types of questions on the survey range from simple household information to more specific demographic questions – this helps us know who our community is, and who we are reaching! 

 Data is a crucial element in driving positive change and creating a lasting impact. By collecting demographic information about our community members, we gain a clearer picture of who we serve, allowing us to make sure our programming and resources are meeting the needs of our community.

 Additionally, when seeking funding from various sources, it is essential to provide concrete data that demonstrates the reach and impact of our organization. The survey results will serve as evidence of the impact of Keshet’s programming and will help to secure funding to continue offering unlimited possibilities for all!

 We understand that privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to collecting personal information. Rest assured, our Anonymous Community Demographic Survey is just that – anonymous! All responses are collected anonymously, ensuring that individual identities remain confidential. By safeguarding your privacy, we create a safe space where everyone can participate without hesitation!

 We invite every member of our vibrant community to participate in Keshet’s first annual Anonymous Community Demographic Survey! The survey is open from June 6 through June 27 – click here to add your voice!

 By participating in this survey, you play a vital role in shaping the future of Keshet’s programs, securing essential funding, and amplifying the voices of our diverse community. We are excited about the insights we will gain and the positive impact it will have on our collective journey towards a more inclusive and vibrant society. Thank you!

Take the survey here! 

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