annual report

Table of Contents:

Letter from Founder and Artistic Director
Community Education and Performance

     Youth Scholarship
     Little Dancer Big Dancer Breakfast
     Keshet’s Pre-Professional Education
     Community Performance: A Final Bow for Alice!

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community
     Makers Space Experience
Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis (M3)
Arts and Justice Network (AJN)
     Youth Leaders
     Movement for Mercy
COVID-19 Response
     Reimagining the Possibilities
Thank you to Contributors
     Giving Tuesday
     Major Funders
     Corporate Fans
     Sustainers Club

Full FY 2019/20 Donor List

Dear friends of Keshet,

Thanks to your support, Keshet’s FY19-20 was one of growth and innovative programming, as well as strength in our community, as we faced the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic together, and saw a nationwide reckoning with the hundreds-of-years-old pandemic of systemic racism. To read our response to COVID-19, click here. To see our letter to the community reinforcing our commitment to social and racial justice, click here. 

This Annual Report highlights a year of community impact through dance, mentorship, and a creative space for the arts, made possible by YOU, Keshet supporters, partners, artists, and audience members. Thank you for joining Keshet to make a difference and advocate for the transformative power of the arts. I hope you’ll join us this coming year, as we celebrate Keshet’s 25th anniversary season!

With gratitude,

Shira Greenberg
Keshet Founder and Artistic Director

Community Education and Performance

Dance changes lives. Keshet believes all bodies are dancing bodies, offering multi-generational classes and performance opportunities for all physical and developmental abilities. Classes are available at all levels, ages, and abilities from beginner to professional; from age 2 to 102. 

This year, Keshet offered 1,689 classes across a variety of dance styles. While 781 students (unduplicated dancers including KP3 and JUMP students) took class with Keshet throughout the year, many attended regularly with a total
13,281 unique class visits throughout the year.

Dance changes lives. - LEARN MORE -


With a commitment to inclusivity, Keshet challenges economic barriers to dance by providing access regardless of a family’s financial situation.  Keshet offers an unlimited, non-competitive scholarship program for dancers under 18 years old, and an Adult Class Exchange program for dancers over 18, providing classes at reduced or no cost to the student. Your generous donations to Keshet’s Scholarship Fund help make this possible. 

Little Dancer Big Dancer Breakfast

In February 2020, Keshet’s Little Dancer Big Dancer Breakfast invited young dancers to take a free class at Keshet, while also inviting Keshet community families to enjoy breakfast together and support the Scholarship Fund. KP3 students practiced their mentorship skills by assisting in these classes for younger students – an exciting and meaningful connection for Keshet’s littlest dancers to get to dance with the pre-professional students. With support from a matching donor, the Breakfast raised $1,714 towards Keshet’s unlimited, non-competitive youth scholarships.

Keshet’s Pre-Professional Education

2019/20 Keshet’s Pre-Professional Program (KP3) students

Your support fuels enthusiasm for personal growth and excellence amongst Keshet’s pre-professional students. Keshet’s Pre-Professional Program (KP3) provides comprehensive programming for students to pursue focused training in dance technique, choreography, and performance; preparing them for a career and/or higher education in their fields of interest. Similarly, Just Unlimited Movement Possibilities (JUMP) is designed to meet the needs of dancers ages 6 to 18 who desire more engagement with Keshet Community Classes, in preparation for participation in Keshet’s Pre-Professional Program (KP3).  

In the 2019 – 2020 school year, 32 KP3 students, ages 8 to 18 years old, spent 7 – 16.5 hours per week engaging in in-person technique class instruction (this moved to remote formats March – May, 2020). KP3 students also participated in an additional 2 – 12 hours per week of rehearsal time for fall outreach performances, Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering, and 20/20 Vision: the 14th Annual KP3 Spring Concert.

To read “A KP3 Year in Review” by Pre-Professional Education Director, Sarah Gonazles: CLICK HERE

Keshet has been a place to grow my love for dance. All of my teachers are so passionate about what they do and they encourage me to work my hardest in everything that I do. The KP3 faculty are my biggest mentors and I am thankful for each one of them. — J. Trujillo

Community Performance

Keshet creates opportunity to highlight the talent of our local and regional community, with Keshet Community Performances including: Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering, Winter Concert, Choreographers’ Showcase, and the first ever, virtual KP3 Spring Concert Drive-In!

Final bow for Keshet’s Alice

2019 Cast of Alice, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

Conceived, choreographed and directed by Shira Greenberg, Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering – is NOT Alice in Wonderland!  This is Alice’s adventures Keshet-style!  The production was inspired by Shira’s Safta (grandmother), Alice – her mother’s mother.  Alice was always ready to take Shira on adventures when she was little, and Alice always believed in Shira’s adventures as she grew up.  Featuring Keshet’s pre-professional students and community performers,  Alice invited audience members to enjoy a celebration of imagination and unlimited possibilities.

This community production, created in 2017, had its final (for now) performances in December 2019. Read more about Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering, in this 2017 Huffington Post article by Manuel Montoya.

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community (KIIC)

Performing arts Makers came from the UK and across the USA.

Keshet’s Ideas and Innovation Community (KIIC, pronounced “kick”) is a business incubator and resource for arts entrepreneurs; championing the value of the artist and the arts economy.

Your support of KIIC provided an authentic space for arts entrepreneurs to grow as artists and entrepreneurs.

KIIC welcomed performing arts Makers from across the United States and the UK for Makers Space Residencies at the Keshet Center for the Arts. The final cohort of Makers Space Experience artists, scheduled for late March 2020, was postponed due
to COVID-19.

Growth for arts entrepreneurs - LEARN MORE -

PC: Dazaun Soleyn, Feb. 2020; photo by Pat Berrett

The Keshet Makers Space Experience (MSE) is a residency program in which choreographers/ dancemakers have access to space to develop their craft and their products, at whatever stage that might be – and have access to arts business workshops on a variety of topics ranging from Grant Writing, Intellectual Property, Budgeting and Branding for Creatives, assisting in the process of bringing art to market.

LEARN MORE: https://keshetarts.org/center-for-the-arts-2/keshet-makers-space-experience/

This year’s Makers included…

Marika Brussel / San Francisco, CA @marikabrussel
Adrienne Clancy / Silver Spring, MD
Lewis Cooke / London, UK
Erik Ehn / Albuquerque, NM
Samuel Horning / Chicago, IL
Ani Javian / Metuchen, NJ @fwfury
DZ Maciel / Brooklyn, NY  @dz.maciel
Dazaun Soleyn / San Francisco, CA @dazaun_s 

Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis (M3)

Perhaps Keshet’s least public-facing program is one that has been tirelessly working to affect change in New Mexico’s juvenile justice system since 1997.

Keshet’s M3 Program (Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis) uses the vehicle of dance to engage, educate, and empower incarcerated and paroling youth and young adults. 

The impact of M3 - LEARN MORE -

Keshet’s teaching faculty of professional dancers and teaching artists facilitate daily dance classes as part of the credited high school curriculum on site at the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center and Camino Nuevo Youth Center, New Mexico’s state juvenile prison facilities, to provide a holistic environment for students to learn literacy, math, science, and conflict resolution through dance and choreography. Students completing these courses can then continue their work with their Keshet mentors through pre-release and post-release programming while they transition out of the facility, providing a structured mentorship program through the parole and reintegration process.

To read a poem from the Youth Diagnostic Detention Center (YDDC) Post-Secondary Class, Fall 2019: CLICK HERE

Arts and Justice Network (AJN)

Movement for Mercy, Pictured (L-R): Lara Segura, Jaden Adeyemi, Juliana Gorena, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

This fiscal year, Keshet launched New Mexico Arts & Justice Network (NMAJN), in collaboration with community partners to support system-impacted youth within the full juvenile justice continuum via the arts. The Network focuses on direct services and professional development/peer learning, research and evaluation, and youth-driven policy/advocacy initiatives, supporting local and national juvenile justice reform.

Social justice through dance - LEARN MORE -

The NMAJN stemmed from Keshet’s past 23 years (1997-2020) of teaching within the juvenile prison system, creating and implementing our M3 Program. Through the evolution of M3, we were struggling to figure out how to reach more individuals, and make more of a systemic impact rather than merely the “triage” efforts we felt we were doing.  This led to conversations with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation about codifying our curriculum and piloting it in other locations across the country in an effort to scale impact. And while this initiative (implemented in 2016-2018) was “successful”; we realized we were still in triage mode, and still not making lasting changes.

Keshet then delved into a two-year+ planning process (2018-2020), with the support of the McCune Charitable Foundation via the New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant, gathering experts across and intersecting the fields of arts and justice.  This planning process led to a clarity of three main focus areas: Direct Service, Policy/Advocacy, and Research/Evaluation; and led to the creation of Keshet’s newest program: the New Mexico Arts and Justice Network (NMAJN), with clarity that “Network” in this program’s context is a verb, rather than a noun. Thanks to the support of a 3-year, $1,000,000 investment from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the NMAJN formally launched in 2020.

Youth Leaders 

Keshet’s Youth Leadership program within the New Mexico Arts and Justice Network supports the unfiltered voices of system-impacted and justice-oriented youth advocates through a judgment-free process within which these voices can be included, explored, and honored. We believe it is important to hear these voices, and we amplify the voices of these youth and young adults through the vehicle of the arts.

In partnership with the City of Albuquerque, three of Keshet’s Arts and Justice Network Youth Leaders were summer interns with the Mayor’s Creative Youth Corps.  They continued their work with Keshet at the intersection of arts and justice as part of a 27-person corps of youth interns working in varied areas of the vibrant arts sectors of ABQ. 

In addition to being part of the creation process of a new performance piece with Keshet Company members, Movement for Mercy, Keshet’s three youth leaders involved in this summer internship worked on multiple independent and collaborative projects over the summer that were presented virtually in June, 2020. 

White Privilege and How It Has Historically Impacted Art Within the Black Community
Independent Research Presentation by Jaden Adeyemi, Keshet Youth Leader 

The Impact of the Arts on Incarcerated Youth in the United States
Independent Research Presentation by Julie Gorena, Keshet Youth Leader        

Injustices Against Minorities in America Through the Lens of Federal Policies
Independent Research Presentation by Emani Brooks, Keshet Youth Leader

Movement for Mercy 

Movement for Mercy Cast, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

The Movement for Mercy Project is an umbrella title to ongoing and evolving content development inside and outside prison walls resulting in presentations ranging from intimate performance experiences to full-scale productions, all with a lens of instigating dialogue about the US prison system and educating community members that might not otherwise have access to a window into this particular broken and destructive US system.  Like many (interconnected) broken systems in the US, it can be easy to ignore if it does not impact one directly and prison system issues can feel particularly foreign for non-impacted community members as these systems are not only socially ignored, but physically removed from sight.


As we know, the arts are a critical tool which can successfully shine a light on systemic issues, generating connection, empathy, and understanding – often better than any other tool of learning. The arts speak to our humanity, and our ability to viscerally connect with an issue via the experience of our fellow humans.

This 2020 live dance performance premiered in February with a work in progress showing, which was later adapted to a virtual platform for expanded public showings. MfM 2020 centered around the themes of community, relationships, shared history, and intersections of experiences. Co-created and performed by a team of collaborating artists from Keshet Dance Company, students from Keshet’s M3 Program, Youth Leaders from Keshet’s Arts and Justice Network, and additional members of the Keshet community, this production was created inside and outside of prison walls. How does the physical space and lived experience of freedom vs. incarceration influence the collaborative creation process and ultimately the artistic product? How do different voices and different perspectives on the performance themes influence movement choices?  This unique performance experience was followed by a Q&A with the artists discussing the work, the creative process, and the intentional and transformative intersections of arts and juvenile justice.
LEARN MORE: https://keshetarts.org/dance/social-justice-through-dance/#mov-for-mercy


Pictured: Young Leaders Society, United Way of Central New Mexico, volunteered to help paint studios and clean up storage spaces at Keshet Center for the Arts. Left to right: YLS Chair Berenice Lopez, YLS Vice Chair Tracy Brewer, YLS Member Nicole Hewitt Photo Credit: Katie Shaw

You support Keshet in so many ways! Keshet thrives with the help of so many community volunteers offering hours of service every year. This year 258 volunteers provided over 4,000 hours of time, keeping Keshet Center for the Arts clean, organized and up-to-date with fresh paint and a new lobby space for families to gather while students are in class. From weekly volunteers keeping things going around the space, to special school and business volunteer groups, to our Board, Committee, and advisory volunteers, we rely on you, our community of volunteers to help keep us connected and ready for whatever changes come our way.

I really can’t say enough about how much Keshet means to me. Dancing has always brought health, healing, and joy into my life but dancing at Keshet has helped me learn what it means to be a part of a community. I am also tremendously grateful for the mentorship that my daughter has received from other Keshet dancers.  — T.Palmer

Fine Wine Dance live Zoom class

Nothing embodied Keshet’s value of fluidity as much as the global COVID-19 pandemic. On March 12, 2020, Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts closed all in-person programming. Keshet staff began working from home with regular check-ins to the building and thorough cleaning. 

With your valuable support, Keshet’s programming pivoted to quickly learn and adapt to remote dance education and engagement methods. Ensuring that dance programming is available and accessible to all dancers, including dancers and choreographers with differing physical and/or developmental abilities, Keshet began offering an all ages, all abilities free Weekly Online Dance Party via Zoom. Keshet’s Pre-Professional Program (KP3) immediately implemented live Zoom dance classes, weekly virtual workshops to bring program participants together, regular mentorship check-ins between teaching faculty and students, and more…

As always, I’m deeply inspired by Keshet’s commitment to create opportunities for dancers. Not even a global pandemic can stop Keshet from creating unlimited possibilities through dance! — J. Hillsey

Covid Response letters from Keshet’s Artistic Director:

More Covid-19 Pivoting - LEARN MORE -

Keshet YouTube pre-recorded classes for all ages and abilities for Spring and Summer 2020.

Teaching faculty pre-recorded classes for YouTube to continue to serve community dancers of all ages through the end of the Spring session. Staff also reached out to community dancers and volunteers through regular email check-ins.

M3 Team meeting on Zoom

The M3 Program suspended our in-person programming at YDDC and CNYC the week of March 23rd, 2020. Due to the limited technological access allowed within secure facilities, all M3 lessons were required to be sent in and completed in a written format. In response, the M3 Team shifted away from our usual curriculum, and focused on providing our students with activities that were accessible in this new format, and intended to keep them active, connected, and creative. These assignments included choreographic exercises, poetry prompts, workouts, mindfulness practices, visual art assignments, and more. In addition to sending in daily assignments, the M3 Faculty set up a call schedule directly with the units we were working with, and were able to talk to our students several times a week through the end of the semester in June. In place of the students’ final performances, the M3 Team created a short dance film showcasing choreography our students had learned prior to COVID, as well as choreography built from prompts provided by our students during COVID. We were able to send the video to all of our students in closure of the semester. 

The Movement for Mercy Project had grand plans for the summer of 2020! With a multi-week, multi-city tour planned for the East Coast, Keshet quickly re-imagined and re-formatted Movement for Mercy to an online format, presenting multiple viewings and discussion opportunities with the artists, instead. This program shift was made possible by the creative and flexible team of the Movement for Mercy Artists, and support from the City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Department via the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund’s COVID Relief Fund.

Developing best practices for virtual engagement during April/May, the Keshet Dance Summer session, included live online dance classes for community dancers, additional pre-recorded classes for younger dancers and Summer Dance Challenges “Dance Camp In-a-bag”. Summer Dance Challenges were week-long themed movement activity bags, collected by campers in a “drive-by” from the Keshet parking lot each Monday, to be used during the week from home. These included daily online warm-ups via Zoom, crafts, scavenger hunts and movement challenges. With your support, Keshet continues to explore meaningful ways to keep our community safe, connected, and dancing as we weather this global pandemic together.

Keshet has opened new possibilities for a shy kid. Keshet has encouraged my daughter to be organized and focused. The online classes via zoom keep her sane. — Parent L.P

Reimagining the Possibilities

During one of the most challenging times for all of our community, you came together to support Keshet and advocate for the value of the arts as donors to the Reimagining the Possibilities Campaign. Faced with over $100,000 in revenue lost with the cancellation of in-person programming and performances, Keshet was bolstered by meaningful gifts from individual community members during this challenging time. With the support of a matching sponsor, Kris and Steve Wade of UnityBPO, 106 community members gave over $20,000 to support Keshet and our creative community through the Reimagining the Possibilities campaign and virtual fundraising event.


Keshet’s community support comes from diverse revenue sources, including foundation grants, government support, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations, as well as the valuable support received from classes and ticket sales. Your support makes it possible for Keshet to offer programming out in the community and through the Unlimited, Non-competitive Youth Scholarship program. 80% of Keshet expenses go directly to programming needs.

Thank you to Contributors

We are grateful for YOU, our community of supporters who has made this incredible year
of impact through dance possible. Thank you
for your contributions, which have helped provide access to dance experiences for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, creating meaningful community connections.

Thank you to ALL Contributors - LEARN MORE -

Giving Tuesday

Keshet’s community came together on #GivingTuesday, December 3, 2019, to support the positive impact of the arts by participating in this global day of giving. With support from KOBQ-FM 93.3 The Q, sharing about Keshet for #GivingTuesdayNM and Positive Energy Solar offering a matching gift of $5,000, you made an even bigger impact with your contributions. We more than met our match, raising over $9,000 in addition to Positive Energy Solar’s contribution. Thank you for participating in this global generosity movement and supporting Keshet’s depth and breadth of programming on Giving Tuesday!

Major Funders

We would like to heartily thank the following organizations that have supported Keshet programs with major contributions ($10,000 and above) in FY19-20, deepening Keshet’s work in the community.

Corporate Fans 

These terrific local businesses helped make this year of community performances possible by making a contribution to the 2019/20 performance season. Corporate Fans connect with Keshet’s community as advocates for the power of dance and performance. Thank you!  *Corporate fans for the full year


Dance Medicine NM/           Elizabeth Lonergan PT, DPT *
OsteoStrong Midtown Albuquerque
Positive Energy Solar *
Southwest Capital Bank
Unity BPO
Wray & Girard, PC


Adams + Crow Law Firm
Green Jeans Farmery
Lovelace Health System
Midtown Sports & Wellness
Wray Law 


Albuquerque Academy
Steve Granberg, Attorney at Law


A+ Marketing Consultants
Cravens Law Firm
mOTivating access
New Mexico Bank & Trust
OGB Architectural Millwork
Presbyterian Healthcare
  Services *
Red Rock Roasters *
Sadie’s of New Mexico
Southwest Composites
Sutin, Thayer & Browne


Burt & Company CPAs, LLC
Carroll Strategies
Chocolate Properties
  Real Estate Consultants *

Elias Law
ExplorAbilities Therapy Center
Fiasco Fine Wine
Heartland Payroll – Felicia Yates
Home Depot Home       Improvement Center /Los Lunas *
Kelly Jo Designs
Kidpower Therapy Associates PC *
Lindsay Shettlesworth, QRealty
New Mexico Dancewear
PTI Electrical Contractors
R&R Goforth Remodeling*
Sign & Image Factory
Slice Parlor
Stone Age Climbing Gym *
Sunny 505
The Daily Grind
Utility Agency

Sustainers Club

Thank you to our Sustainers Club members, monthly donors to Keshet sustaining our community through meaningful arts experiences for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Sustainers Club members receive special communications and behind-the-scenes opportunities. Thank you for your sustaining support of Keshet!

Sarah Egelman and Dan Clark
Roy and V Goforth
Shira Greenberg and Richard Letscher
Matthew Hess
Manuel Montoya
Theresa Palmer and Kurt Christopher
Matthew and Carolyn Tobias
Nathaniel Trask and Adrian Moore Trask
Thomas Wolinski

Full FY2019/20 Donor List

Keshet would like to thank our entire Cast of Characters, especially those in the following supporting roles whose financial and in-kind contributions made a difference in supporting “unlimited possibilities” in Fiscal Year 19-20 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).
* All or a portion of the gift is in-kind
~ Sustainers Club member

To inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a creative space for the arts.

Warm up for KP3 Contemporary Class, Photo Credit: Kevin McMenemy

 KP3 Ballet Class, Photo Credit: Kevin McMenemy

Keshet Dance Company, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

Adaptive Dance Class – Winter Concert 2019, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

Summer Camp performance 2019, Photo Credit: Kevin McMenemy

Adult Community Class, Winter Concert 2019, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

Musical Theater Camp, Summer 2019, Photo Credit: Kevin McMenemy

Movement for Mercy, Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

DZ Maciel and Samuel Horning, KIIC Makers Feb. 2020; Photo Credit: Pat Berrett

Staff meeting on Zoom, Spring 2020

 Keshet Staff,
July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

Founder & Artistic Director,
Shira Greenberg

Director of Business Advancement,
Adrian Moore Trask

Business Advancement Coordinator/UNM Work Study, Stephanie Mitchell
Human Resources Director,
Lindsay Shettlesworth

Communications Director,
Carolyn Tobias

Digital Marketing Coordinator/UNM Work Study,
Truitt McKinney
Finance Director, Joni Thompson
M3 Education Director,
Sophia Phillips

Pre Professional Education Director,
Sarah Gonzales

Community Education Director,
Ana Lopes Arechiga

Community Resources Manager, Marissa Reynolds
Community Operations Manager, Alissa Trujillo
Summer Programs Coordinator, Sadie Gelb

Data Entry Support,
Rand Porter-Park

Box Office Manager,
Sebrena Figueroa

Database Manager, Emily Dunkin
Costumer, Diana MacNeil
Rentals Coordinator,
Vanessa Shackleford

Tech & Facilities Manager,
Paul Cuffee

Tech & Facilities Support Staff,
Eddie Carrion

Arts & Justice Network Youth Leader Manager,
Lara Segura

Arts & Justice Network Youth Leaders

Jaden Adeyemi
Emani Brooks
M. Campbell
Juliana Gorena
Alyssa Lopez 
Rufino Lopez

Company Dancers

Ana Lopes Arechiga
Sonia Bologa
Lara Segura

Teaching Faculty

Samantha Archuleta
Ana Lopes Arechiga
Peter Bennett

Sarah Bennett
Sonia Bologa
Alisa Damholt

Rujeko Dumbutshena
Sonya Garcia
Sadie Gelb
Sarah Gonzales
Nichole Goodmann
Shira Greenberg
Diana MacNeil
Sophia Phillips
Marissa Reynolds
Lara Segura
Jake Sheets

Lindsay Shettlesworth
Alana Tobias
Allyssa Trujillo

Adrian Moore Trask

Keshet Board of Directors,
July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

President, Thomas Wolinski
Vice President, Manuel Montoya
Treasurer, Randy Trask
Secretary, Sean Herring
Members, Toni Balzano, Arlyn Crow,
Dovya Friedman, Shira Greenberg,
Liz Groth, Amy Stangel

Keshet Development Committee

Chair, Tom Wolinski
Dana Ball
Toni Balzano
V Goforth
Colleen Grathwol
Shira Greenberg
Liz Groth
Lauren Hyde
Trish Katz
Sandra Marroquin-Evans
Maria Montoya Chavez
Vanessa Shackleford
Joni Thompson
Carolyn Tobias
Adrian Moore Trask
Peninah Wolpo

Producers ($10,000+)

Albuquerque Community Foundation

Bernalillo County – Board of County Commissioners

Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of New Mexico

City of Albuquerque – Cultural Services Department

Elizabeth Lonergan, PT, DPT*

Eurasia Foundation

Peacock Law P.C.*

PNM Resources Foundation

McCune Charitable Foundation

McCune Charitable Foundation – New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

United Way of Central New Mexico

Vintage Albuquerque

Choreographers ($5,000-$9,999)

Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

City of Albuquerque – Urban Enhancement Trust Fund CARES
Relief Fund

New Mexico Arts

New Mexico Humanities Council

Nusenda Credit Union Foundation

Osteostrong Albuquerque Midtown*

Positive Energy Solar

Sandia Foundation’s  Hugh and Helen Woodward Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation

Southwest Capital Bank

Stephen and Kristine Wade

Wells Fargo Foundation

Wray & Girard, P.C.

Divas ($2,500-$4,999)
Adams+Crow Law Firm

City of Albuquerque – Urban Enhancement Trust Fund

Robert and Janet Ford

Mark Hartman

Perrianne Houghton,
In Memory of Dane C. Houghton Munk

Jewish Federation of New Mexico

KOBQ-FM (93.3 The Q)*

Lovelace Health System


Starlets ($1,000-$2,499)

A+ Marketing Consultants*

Albuquerque Academy

Pat Berrett Photography*

Lani and James Casady

Dan and Karen Gelb

V and Roy Goforth~*

Granberg Law

Green Jeans Farmery

Greenberg/Kornblum Charitable Fund

Midtown Sports & Wellness*

Maria Montoya Chavez and
Leland Chavez

Lee and Kenneth Moore

Yashoda Naidoo

Bradley Peterson

Jennifer Moore Plane

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Stephen Rehnberg and Susan Burgener

Southwest Mail Center*

Mary Ellen and Ron Shettlesworth

Alexandra Smith

Terry Swack and Louis Weitzman

VMWare Foundation

Taylor and Katherine Wray

Wray Law PC

Thomas Wolinski~

Principals ($500-$999)

Cristian and Elvine Bologa*,
In Honor of all Keshet’s staff, students, and volunteers, who all make it such
a special place 

Chocolate Properties LLC
Real Estate Consultants

Cravens Law LLC

EconoLodge Midtown*

Fiasco Fine Wine LLC*

Dovya Friedman and George Hausner*

Colleen Grathwol and Scott Ferguson,
In Honor of Sean Grathwol 

Emily and Arand Harmon-Pierce

KidPower Therapy Associates PC

Michael McCall

Beth Mohr and Janet McHard

Manuel Montoya~

mOTivating Access*

New Mexico Dancewear*

Mary Anne Newhall*

OGB Architectural Millwork

Deborah Peacock and Nate Korn

Brad Raisher and Melissa Freeman

Miriam Rand

Red Rock Roasters*

Sadie’s of New Mexico

Selina Sarmiento

Lindsay and Alan Shettlesworth

Southwest Composites

Stone Age Climbing Gym

Sutin, Thayer & Browne, P.C.

Lauren Tresp*

Ensemble Members ($100-$499)

Harold and Carole Albert

Cynthia Allison and Cari Kerkhoff,
In Memory of Nancy Oliphant

Kathy and Stephen Altobelli

The Andres Family

Anthony Anella

Anonymous (4)

Dana and Justin Ball*,
In loving memory of dancer Linda Lee Levering, grandmother and mother
of a grateful KP3 dancer and a Keshet community class dancer

Toni Balzano and Johnny Chandler

Nicole and Carlos Barela*

Judith Bennahum

David Bernstein and Erika Rimson,
In Honor of Adrian and Shira

Burt & Company CPAs, LLC

Pat and Tanya Call

Carroll Strategies

Isaac Chavez,
In Honor of My Teachers,
Sarah and Sadie

Regina Chavez Puccetti and Daniel Puccetti

Judith Chazin-Bennahum and
David Bennahum

Sunny Chirieleison and Steven Hartman

Barbara Cisneros

Harry and Terry Cohen

Donald Cole,
In Memory of Kristie Brown

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Julia Coyte

Phil Crosby*

Arlyn Crow and Sam Adams

Carolyn Dorfman

Barbara Egelman

Elias Law

Maggie English and Alan Mason

Sebrena Figueroa

Jennifer Fischer

Sen. Roberto and Mrs. Charlene Gonzales,
In Honor of Sarah Gonzales

Jim and Ann Gosack

Jessica Greaves

Barb Greenberg,
In Memory of Alice Weitzman

Shira Greenberg and Rick Letscher,~
In Memory of Oma Sandoval

John and Liz Groth,
In Honor of Sarah Groth
and Michelle Groth

Quang Ha

Mary and Francis Halter

Nancy Hazelman

Jennifer and Lawrence Herrera

Ari and Sean Herring

Cindy Herring,
In Memory of Hazel Schrindel

Emunah Herzog,
In Honor of Shira Greenberg

Matthew Hess~

Tobias Hoellrich

Emily M Holzknecht

Anna Horst and Eberardo Lopez*

Marleen Houlihan

Bob Hume

Lauren Hyde

Norty and Summers Kalishman

Chet and Mary Ellen Karnas

Patricia Katz

Kelly Jo Designs/Kelly Jo Designs
by Wine

Randee and Tony Killeen

Trishelle Kirk

Kroger Co. Family of Stores: Smith’s Food & Drug Inspiring Donations

John Lawton

Trevor Lewis

Heather Licini and Nathan Woodard*

Lone Sun Builders

Ana Lopes Arechiga and Cesar Lopes

Vivian and Donald Lubin

Michael Maccini and Barbara Koenig

Douglas Madison

Bruce Malott and Marla Wood

Margaret Maynard

Kevin McMenemy and Monique Stotts*

Miryam Miller

Doug Moore,
In Honor of Mom Millie

Billy Moore

Adrian Moore Trask and Nathaniel Trask~

Jesse Murray and Jacob Schroder

Jennie Negin and Harold Folley

New Mexico Trade Alliance*

Laura Nitsos

Nusenda Credit Union*

Theresa Palmer and Kurt Christopher~

Elisa Paster

Janice and Stuart Paster

Harold and Karen Pound

PTI Electrical Contractors

R & R Goforth Remodeling

Terra Reed

Jane and Russell Resnik

Ed Ripp

William and Kattia Rojas*

Eleasia and Michael Ross

Vangie Ross and Colandra Gallegos-Ross

Maureen Sanders

Ronna Schelby

Meredith and Timothy Schwall*

Lara Segura

Vanessa Shackleford

Slice Parlor

Dr. James and Joanne Smith

Lisa and Hal Smith

Blair Solon,
In Honor of Sumayya Abouelhassan

Brian and Amy Stangel,
In Honor of Maria Montoya Chavez

Mark and Donia Steele

Noell Stone

Kelly Sullivan,
In Honor of Adrian Moore Trask

Sunny 505

The Taylor-Wright Family

The Daily Grind

Thrive Consulting

Carolyn and Matthew Tobias~

Token Ibis

Tami Trask

Kerry and Todd Trautwein

Alissa and Mat Trujillo*

Brian Tyree and Sandra McDonald,
In Memory of Sheri Book

Shep and Leslie Weinstein,
In Honor of Shira Greenberg

Hugh and Barbara Witemeyer

Paula Wynnycky

Felicia Yates

Linda Zipp,
In Honor of Elaine and Mark Smith,
In Honor of Shira Greenberg

Stagehands ($1-$99)

Boo Abrams

Tenille Akana-Pearson

Elisha and Kashia Allen

Lydia Allen

Amazon Smile

Anonymous (2)

Anita and Edward Aranda*

Bianca Belmonte-Sapien*

Lorie Brau

Richard Buckler

Erica and Greg Castleberry

Frances Chance

Lisa Chaney*

Kristin Cochran

Susan and Randy Cooper

Costco Wholesale – NW Albuquerque*

Costco Wholesale – SE Albuquerque*

Crum & Forster Insurance

Christine Custer

Lacey Daniell-Miller

Laura Devitt*

Donut Mart*

Dr. Jayne M Buttner, DDS MS PC

Sarah Egelman and Dan Clark~

Abraham and Linda Ettedgui

Sheena Ferguson

Kayla Ann Fournier

Marilyn Fuller,
In Memory of Hayes Fuller

Christina Herrera Furst

Josie and Michael Garcia

Leslie Garcia*

Melissa Garland

Alyssa Girard*,
In Memory of Valerie Girard

Cesar Goni and Erin Fugate

Sarah and Marcos Gonzales*

Ellen and Harley Greenberg

Paula Guerrero*

Don Halter

Ronald Halter

Happy Bubbles Platinum Laundry Detergent*


Vanessa Haye

Trudy Hart*

Jennifer and Kevin Hillsey

Andy Huang

Diana Hunt

Vanessa Jacobsohn and Edgar Solis

Angelique Jaramillo*

Amy Jarjusey*

Ani Javian

Linda Johnson

Linda King

Matt and Kelly Kuchar,
For Claudia’s love of dance

Kate Ladenheim

Shaun Leonardo

Karen Liebert*

Donna Lisotto,
In Honor of Olivia Warner-Love

Samantha Lovato*

Jo Ann Lovato

Sara Love*

Timothy MacAlpine

Kenneth MacIntosh

Mary Mackie

Yvonne Marcilla,
In Memory of Javier

Joshlyn Marino

Sandra Marroquin-Evans and Marc Evans

Gina Marselle

Virginia Marshall

Zoe Mattioli

Marlies Metodi

Claudette and Enrique Montoya

Joy and Boris Moquino*

Humberto Morales and Minerva Botancourt*

Mary and Ron Moya

Heather and Andrew Muro*

Sherrisse Noelle*

Scott Obenshain

Dair Obenshain

Steven O’Callaghan

Maria Orozco*

Cher Pacheco*


Becky Peterson

Burt and Shirley Politz

Nataley Quintana

Rachel and Alex Rankin

Andrew G. Rausch Memorial Fund

Gloria Rayford Quezada*

Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ*

Yvette S.

Arlene Safier

Dorothy Sanchez

Delora and Bob Saviteer

Jessica Schiffman and
Christopher Caranta*

Lisa Seifert Weigelt

Nicky Singh*

Jonathan Sisneros

Larry Sklar and Alison Franks

Laura Slivinski

Nina and Alexander Smaragdas*

Nancy Smith,
In Memory of Shira’s Safta,
Alice Weitzman

Kelsey Smith

Stuart Smith

Dave and Jeanne Snodgrass

Ana Stanley

Cheyenne Starnes*

Alexandria and Andrew Steyer

Emily Stovel and William Whitehead*

Erin Tarica and Owen Whooley

Emmy Tither*

Kristine Tollestrup

Trader Joe’s

Allyssa Trujillo

Simon and Wanda Tuck

Erica VanArsdale

Jared Vasquez and Vanessa Apodaca*

RiLeigh Wade*

Jorgie Winsberg and Dennis Soto

Rachel Wiseman*

Keren Wolf (on behalf of the Falck/Shafton/Kornblum/Wolf families), In Honor of Mickey Greenberg
on Father’s Day

Peninah Wolpo and Jesse Kimball*

Brianna Woods*

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