annual report

Dear friends of Keshet,

Thank you for joining us in celebration during this unique fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) and 25th Anniversary of Keshet! While Keshet programming remained virtual to keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to find innovative ways to come together through dance, performance, mentorship, and celebration of our 25-year history.

Throughout this report you’ll see examples of community creativity and connectivity, made possible by YOU. Thank you for dancing with Keshet and supporting our community through this critical time. It has meant so much to mark this milestone year with you, and we look forward to what the next 25 years will bring with you, our valued community!

With gratitude,

Shira Greenberg
Keshet Founder and Artistic Director

25th Anniversary

Thank you for joining us to celebrate Keshet’s 25th Anniversary! To stay connected and celebrate safely, Keshet hosted a series of virtual events and programs, prompting a journey into the Keshet archive. Virtual Retrospective Events on Zoom included ACT 1: A Retrospective of work, partners, projects over the past 24 years; KP3 Retrospective; Keshet Dance Company Retrospective; and a community favorite, Nutcracker on the Rocks Retrospective that featured a week of virtual choreography workshops and a culminating showing of archive footage from performances through the years with conversation from original cast members. In addition to digitizing and organizing 25 years of Keshet archival material, we also connected with Keshet alumni, including former staff, students, and performers who helped enrich these virtual retrospective events.

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In Support of Keshet’s 25th Anniversary

You, Keshet’s community, gave together for Keshet’s 25th Anniversary, raising over $50,000 between #GivingTuesday, year-end giving, and our Spring 25th Birthday Campaign, with over 245 donors giving during the fiscal year. Thank you to our amazing community for donating to help ensure the next 25 years of unlimited possibilities with Keshet.

Community Education and Engagement

While dance education looked a little different to keep dancers safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Keshet did not stray from our core belief that dancing is for every body. With your support, Keshet continued to offer dance education and performance opportunities via remote formats for dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Donations to Keshet’s Scholarship Fund continued to sustain our unlimited, noncompetitive scholarships, which was expanded to offer sliding scale options for people of all ages attending dance classes or performances.

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Keshet Pre-Professional Program

The KP3 2020-2021 year was not like any year of KP3 that had come before. With your support, not even a pandemic can stop the KP3 program from training the minds, bodies, and hearts of our extremely dedicated dancers. KP3 students danced, albeit in 6 feet by 6 feet squares. KP3 students performed, though virtually. KP3 faculty discussed important topics relating to pre-professional dancers, like site-specific dance, mindfulness, nutrition, dance history, and many more. Despite difficult circumstances, KP3 faculty supported students as they processed enormous changes in their lives. Mentorship and prioritizing mental health were a huge priority in the KP3 2020-2021 year. Read the complete KP3 Year in Review by Pre-Professional Education Director, Sarah Gonzales HERE

Dance classes on Zoom can be challenging, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that the online format has offered greater access for some of our community members who are now able to join class more regularly because they can take class from home. Keshet’s Mixed Ability programming emphasized continuity with the weekly All Ages – All Abilities Free Online Dance Party, which included many students now able to attend more regularly. This consistency has supported students to develop their creative expression and artistry, as well as to create more social connectivity together. 

We’ve also found strengthened connections with partner organizations in need of providing safe opportunities for their communities. Keshet’s Community Education and Mixed Ability Director, Sadie Gelb, taught with Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation Camp Adventure monthly online camps and weeklong summer camps.

Connections and collaborations were also strengthened with New Mexico Special Olympics, New Mexico School for the Deaf, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Sunshine Ambassadors, Best Buddies, Autism Spectrum Therapies, Kayak New Mexico, Mandy’s Farm, Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network, and residential facilities, such as At Home Advocacy.

Fine Wine Dance

Keshet’s Fine Wine Dance program offered weekly online classes for adults over 55, highlighting connection, creativity, and movement. Keshet also partnered with the Albuquerque Museum to offer a virtual class focusing on the Museum’s exhibition: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection. The Fine Wine Dance program not only participated in Keshet’s virtual Spring Concert, but held several online showings of their zoom dance performances throughout the year. Keshet appreciates the support of Aroha Philanthropies to help recreate Fine Wine Dance programming for virtual formats this fiscal year.

Community Performance

25th Annual Spring Concert – via Zoom!

Our community came together virtually for many performances this year, including a very special 25th Annual Spring Concert, featuring dancers from Keshet’s community and pre-professional education programs. Dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds created unique work on Zoom and pre-recorded in unique settings around Albuquerque, resulting in a beautiful filmed performance that showcased the creativity, connectivity, and resilience of our community of dancers.

Exit 12

In collaboration with the New Mexico Arts & the Military Initiative, Keshet supported programming that aimed to serve the veteran community and their families by partnering with Exit 12 Dance Company. Programming aimed to serve the greater NM community, so virtual workshops were offered not only as a COVID-safe option, but also as a way to serve those in the other parts of the state. In an effort to serve further communities, programming included a virtual workshop for NM dancers, a showing of the documentary “Moved by War,” followed by a short workshop and Q&A in Silver City, as well as a drive-in movie theater experience in Los Lunas. The Exit 12 residency culminated in a showing of their documentary and a premiere of a new Exit 12 company piece they created while in New Mexico. The culminating event was presented in partnership with NM PBS on their Ovee virtual platform and reached 83 attendees.

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community (KIIC)

Keshet’s Ideas and Innovation Community (KIIC, pronounced “kick”) is a business incubator and resource for arts entrepreneurs; championing the value of the artist and the arts economy. Your support of KIIC this year allowed Keshet to continue collaborating with artists and arts service organizations during a challenging time for the sector. To best support local, regional, and national artists, dancers, and choreographers, KIIC participated in a New Mexico Creatives Dialogue, open discussion to hear about needs amongst local arts entrepreneurs, and conducted a survey of Makers Space Experience participants and applicants to learn how KIIC could best serve them. From these efforts, Keshet identified virtual workshop offerings, performance opportunities, rent reductions and community partnerships as safe and meaningful ways to continue supporting arts entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

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KIIC was an organizing partner of Harwood Art Center’s Root & Bloom (March 2021), a virtual (re)generative retreat made by and for New Mexico’s Creatives, to serve and support individuals in the bewildering here and now, as well as in visioning and actualizing a just, abundant shared future. Keshet Dance Company members, Ana Lopes Arechiga and Lara Segura contributed a Movement and Healing: Collaborative Choreography Workshop.

Choreographers’ Showcase

KIIC presented the virtual 2021 Choreographers’ Showcase, a collection of work submitted by previous Makers Space Experience participants. Many Makers submitted work created during the Covid-19 pandemic, featuring the talent and resiliency of Keshet-connected performing artists around the country.


Arts and Justice Initiatives (AJI)

Keshet’s Arts & Justice Initiatives collaborate with community partner organizations to support system-impacted youth within the full juvenile justice continuum via the arts. This year, while we could not collaborate, dance, and perform together in person, we found ample opportunity to bring people together for important arts experiences and discussion centered around the intersection of arts and justice and amplifying the voices and creativity of system-impacted youth. From guest artists joining incarcerated students via Zoom to the creation of a Youth Leadership Council connecting with Bernalillo County committees, as well as the Intersection of Arts & Justice Roundtable Conversation, Keshet continues to find meaningful connections in virtual space together. In addition to examples listed below, you can read/hear more about Keshet’s Arts & Justice Initiatives in Dancing Behind Barbed Wire, written by Karie Luidens, and the Ohio Prison Arts Connection Peer Discussion.

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Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis (M3)

Keshet’s M3 Program (Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis) uses the vehicle of dance to engage, educate, and empower incarcerated and paroling youth and young adults. As with Keshet’s other programming, this year M3 had to be conducted entirely in remote formats to help keep students and faculty safe and healthy. The transition to Zoom within the juvenile jail was a significant policy adjustment and successful collaboration between Keshet and CYFD/Foothills High School. Under normal circumstances, students are not allowed any access to technology, internet, etc. Creating a space inside of the juvenile prison in which students could indeed have access to M3 programming was a significant leap in an effort to maintain connectivity to this program. M3 faculty worked directly with Youth Diagnostic & Development Center (YDDC) and Camino Nuevo Youth Center (CNYC) staff to ensure consistent communication with students, despite limited technological access. M3 faculty were able to provide programming to four units at a minimum of twice/week for each unit, offering a total of 9 classes per week. Over the course of the fiscal year, M3 faculty facilitated a total of 238 classes, in which we offered opportunities for student leadership, and developed a multitude of creative collaborations. We adapted our post-release mentorship program to a virtual format, conducted one-on-one check-ins with students following their release from YDDC and CNYC, and welcomed them into online community classes.

M3 Guest Artists

Mindfulness can be described as; The act of being present to all one is experiencing, free of judgement. M3 Guest Artist over Zoom: Mindfulness & Creativity Workshop by Paul Cuffee.

The M3 team was honored to welcome guest artists into our virtual classrooms this year. Paul Cuffee guided students through mindfulness practices, and spoke about the intricacies of the film and music industries. In May 2021, members of Everett Company, a theater and dance company based in Rhode Island, facilitated comedy improvisation workshops that left us all aching from laughter and with a new appreciation for the humor, awareness, and vulnerability of each other. The incredible faculty of the National Institute of Flamenco brought music, dance, and cultural knowledge to our classes, and connected the rhythms and practices of Flamenco to Hip Hop music and culture. Trey Pickett offered Krumping and Afrobeat workshops filled with joy, strength, and invitations for deep individual connection, empowerment, and expression.

Movement for Mercy

The Movement for Mercy project centers around the themes of community, relationships, shared history, and intersections of experiences. Co-created and performed by a team of collaborating artists from Keshet Dance Company, students from Keshet’s M3 Program, Keshet’s Arts and Justice Initiatives Youth Leaders, and additional members of the Keshet community, this production has been created inside and outside of prison walls.  

In lieu of a cancelled June/July2020 tour, a two-part virtual experience was created.

Part I, July 9th:  A conversation with the artists, discussing the work, the creative process, and the intentional and transformative intersections of arts and juvenile justice.  

Part II, July 11th: A screening of the work. A special viewing of the February 2020 Movement for Mercy work-in-progress showing in its entirety, along with new pieces created in quarantine, as well as insights and commentary from the artists. While the originally intended format of this work is to be experienced live and in the round – hearing breath, watching expressions, smelling sweat, feeling the connection of dancer and audience bodies – this new format allowed us to connect our work to so many more around the country than we would ever be able to reach in a traditional touring format, continuing the important conversations related to the country’s juvenile (in)justice system.

Youth Leadership Council

Keshet Youth Leaders are employees of Keshet who meet weekly to work on justice oriented creative projects, research agendas, and community activities. Over the past year, the Youth Leaders codified a Youth Leadership Council, for which they serve as the Executive Committee. The Keshet Arts and Justice Initiatives Youth Leadership Council is a collective of youth of color and allies who strive to utilize their platform in order to elevate the voices of system impacted youth by providing educational resources, peer support, and access to an uplifting community. 

Both Keshet Youth Leaders and Council members may serve on Bernalillo County committees and attend meetings such as the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RRED) and Bernalillo County Steering Committee where they are able to ask questions, give feedback and assist in developing programming that intends to dismantle the school to prison pipeline, seek racial equality, reduce recidivism rates and create positive alternatives to juvenile detention.

Pictured (L-R): Youth Leadership Council members, Julian Jimenez, Juliana Gorena, Elise Lopez, and Emani Brooks

AJI in the Community 

Albuquerque Justice for Youth Community Collaborative

Keshet is one of more than 20 community-based organizations in Albuquerque joining forces in a multi-year effort to support healthy and thriving futures for all young people, especially those in trouble with the law. The Albuquerque Justice for Youth Community Collaborative, supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, will engage local youth-serving organizations and families who have been affected by the juvenile justice system in efforts to shape promising futures for young people — even after they’ve made mistakes.

This year, Keshet joined the Collaborative with members of the Youth Leaders Council, as well as Keshet’s AJI staff, attending regular meetings to collaborate with other community-based organizations working towards systems-change within New Mexico’s juvenile justice field.

Progress toward social justice, racial healing and equity requires a radical change, grounded in community leadership and respect for the perspectives of young people and families who have been directly — and often negatively — affected by the juvenile justice system,” — Albino Garcia, Executive Director of La Plazita Institute in Albuquerque and Founder of the Collaborative.

Arts and Justice Roundtable Conversation 

Keshet hosted the Intersection of Arts and Justice Roundtable Conversation on April 1, 2021 on Zoom and recorded it to share in an ongoing manner with the broader community and organizational partners. The conversation focused around exploring the roles arts can play in transforming juvenile justice in both our local community and in our country, highlighting the lived experiences and artwork of Keshet Youth Leaders, as well as the current work and experiences of scholars, artists, and organizations working in the field of Juvenile Justice in New Mexico. Keshet appreciates the support of New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities for this event. 

The Roundtable featured panelists working within the field from different perspectives, including:

    • Emani Brooks, Youth Leader, Keshet Arts & Justice Initiatives, Youth Council Co-Chair
    • sheri crider, Executive Director, Sanitary Tortilla Factory
    • Albino Garcia Jr, Executive Director La Plazita Institute
    • Shira Greenberg, Artistic Director, Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts
    • Juliana Gorena, Youth Leader, Keshet Arts & Justice Initiatives, Youth Council Co Chair 
    • Dr. Marissa Juárez, Central New Mexico Community College, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Dr. Manuel Montoya, University of New Mexico, Presidential Teaching Fellow;  Associate Dean, Planetary Decisionmaking and Inclusion
    • Carmela Romero, Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative 
    • Hon. Marie Ward, Presiding Judge, Children’s Court Division, Second Judicial District  Court, Bernalillo County 
    • Moderated by Elsa Menendez , Artist/Educator; Field Representative, Office of U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich

Pchyolka Collaboration

Pchyolka workshops in Kaliningrad, Russia

In a cross-cultural curriculum exchange spanning from from August to November of 2020, Keshet faculty worked with a team of art specialists working with orphans in Kaliningrad, Russia, facilitating training in the Keshet M3 teaching philosophy and transferable curriculum. Over the course of 10 sessions, the two teams forged connected relationships, learned from each other, and supported each other. The project culminated in a virtual sharing open to the public that connected audience members from the U.S. and Russia in a discussion about healing arts. Keshet appreciates the support of the Eurasia Foundation via the US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) to make this project possible.

It’s a great experience that we were able to gain here… In the beginning our American partners helped us so much, especially in the training called “What We Have in Common”, to make kids trust us more, and see us that we are like them. — Khilolla, Music Specialist, Pchyolka

Those trainings that you shared with us helped us enormously as we worked with kids who are in a difficult life situation in orphanages. Because of these trainings kids started to open themselves, to share a bit of their lives with us, and because they became open there became trust in us, and we were able to help them to solve their problems through creative movement… The trainings helped us to be united with the kids… — Ksusha, Dance Specialist, Pchyolka

Guest Artists: Everett

Everett Company, a theater and dance company based in Rhode Island, was set to perform at Keshet in the Revolutions International Theater Festival in March 2020. After the cancelled performance due to COVID-19, Keshet together with Revolutions International Theater Festival reimagined the presentation of Everett’s Good Grief with a virtual showing and Q&A session with the cast and workshop in May, 2021.

Good Grief focuses on trauma and the true stories of the artists/performers. The performance was inspired by the healing work of Dr. Richard Schwartz who developed Internal Family Systems in response to clients’ descriptions of experiencing various parts–many extreme–within themselves.

Everett’s Good Grief team, conducted a youth workshop with Keshet’s Youth Leaders

Good Grief was made possible through major funding support from NEFA, MAP Fund, NEA & RISCA. This presentation was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Keshet Dance Company

Keshet Dance Company continued to create new contemporary dance works as it pivoted during the course of the pandemic, creating filmed pieces in unique Albuquerque settings. Engaging with community, Company dancers created A Love Letter to Albuquerque, a filmed piece for SOMOS 2020 in response to a poem written from contributions by Keshet community members. Read the poem here. Keshet Dance Company also demonstrated the power of dance to communicate, creating a new, virtual piece for #DancetheVote. For the finale of Keshet’s 25th Anniversary season, the Company premiered three new, filmed pieces, capturing this unique cultural moment in both Albuquerque settings and dancers’ homes.

Photos (Top, L-R): Alga(ida) Choreographer/Video Editor: Ana Lopes Aréchiga Photo by Pat Berrett Dancers (L-R): Juliana Gorena, Ana Lopes Aréchiga, Lara Segura, Sonia Bologa Intentions Mirrored Choreography, Videography, Editing, and Dancer: Lara Segura Passerby Choreographer: Sonia Bologa Photo by Pat Berrett Dancers (Front-Back): Juliana Gorena, Ana Lopes Aréchiga, Lara Segura, Sonia Bologa

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A Love Letter to Albuquerque

Keshet Dance Company continued to play an integral role across Keshet programming this year. Company members taught KP3 students excerpts from three Keshet Dance Company repertory works: AniMa’Amin, rock mass adjunct and Roadtrip Mixtape all choreographed by Shira Greenberg. They served as mentors for KP3 students and included some upper level students in the creation of new works. Company members also worked closely with Keshet’s Youth Leaders developing and sharing Movement for Mercy for virtual formats.



Keshet’s community support comes from diverse revenue sources, including foundation grants, government support, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations, as well as the valuable support received from classes, ticket sales, and opportunities to contract out in the community. Your support, especially during this challenging year of fully virtual programming, helped sustain meaningful dance experiences that connected community while staying physically distanced, safe, and healthy. 78% of Keshet expenses go directly to programming needs.


Thank you to Contributors

Thank you to our community of contributors who helped make this unique year one of celebration and connection in the face of a global pandemic. With your support, Keshet’s community and artistry have been strengthened during our milestone 25th Anniversary. We’re grateful to you for helping ensure Keshet will continue to bring dancers of all backgrounds, ages and abilities, young students and lifelong learners, families, arts entrepreneurs, and professional and community performers together through the power of dance, mentorship, and a welcoming space for the arts.

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Major Funders

We would like to heartily thank the following organizations that have supported Keshet programs with major contributions ($10,000 and above) in FY20-21, deepening Keshet’s work in the community.

Corporate Fans 

These terrific local businesses supported Keshet’s 25th Anniversary Season of virtual performances. Corporate Fans connected with Keshet’s community through online performances, social media, and Keshet’s e-newsletter, as champions of the arts and supporters of Keshet’s community-driven mission. Thank you!

*Corporate fans for the full year


Adams + Crow Law
Hanseatic Management Services
Wray Law*


A+ Marketing Consultants*
Annapurna’s Wold Vegan Cafe*
Green Jeans Farmery*
Lone Sun Builders*
Lovelace Health System
Presbyterian Healthcare Services*
Red Rock Roasters
Utility Agency



Albuquerque Academy
Dance Medicine of NM/Elizabeth Lonergan*
Positive Energy Solar


Carroll Strategies
Daily Grind
Granberg Law*
KidPower Therapy Associates*
Lindsay Shettlesworth/Q Realty*
Peacock Law*
PTI Electrical Contractors
R&R Goforth Remodeling*
Stone Age Climbing Gym*
Thrive Consulting*
Whitener Law

Sustainers Club

Thank you to our Sustainers Club members, monthly donors to Keshet whose recurring gifts help ensure Keshet’s sustainability through challenging times. Sustainers Club members receive special communications and behind-the-scenes opportunities. Thank you for your meaningful support of Keshet!

  • Sarah Egelman and Dan Clark
  • Roy and V Goforth
  • Shira Greenberg and Richard Letscher
  • Matthew Hess
  • Manuel Montoya
  • Theresa Palmer and Kurt Christopher
  • Matthew and Carolyn Tobias
  • Nathaniel Trask and Adrian Moore Trask
  • Thomas Wolinski

Become a Sustainers Club member by selecting the “monthly” frequency when making a gift to Keshet online. Click here to set up your recurring gift.

Full FY2020/21 Donor List

Keshet would like to thank our entire Cast of Characters, especially those in the following supporting roles whose financial and in-kind contributions made a difference in supporting “unlimited possibilities” in Fiscal Year 20-21 (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021).
* All or a portion of the gift is in-kind
~ Sustainers Club member

To inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a creative space for the arts.

(Above photo)
Passerby, Choreography by Sonia Bologa Photo by Pat Berrett

(Above video excerpt)
25th Birthday Open House Party

(Above video excerpt)
25th Anniversary Retrospective: Act 1

(Above video excerpt)
25th Anniversary Photo Archive

(Above video excerpt)
25th Anniversary KP3 Retrospective: Through the Years

(Above video excerpt)
Dancer Testimonials

(Above video excerpt)
Contemporary on Zoom: Ages 13+

(Above photo)
Ballet on Zoom: Ages 6-8

(Above photo)
Fine Wine Dance Class: Spring Concert performance

(Above photo)
Ballet on Zoom: Ages 9-12

(Above photo)
KP3 (Keshet’s Pre-Professional Program) Contemporary Class with Diana

(Above photo)
AJI Youth Leader Emani

(Above photo)
Keshet and Pchyolka Final Presentation

(Above photo)
Keshet Dance Company:
Photo by Pat Berrett

(Above photo)
Keshet Dance Company: Photo by Pat Berrett

(Above photo)
Staff Meeting: Fall 2020 – Let’s Keep Moving

Keshet Staff,
July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021

Founder & Artistic Director,
Shira Greenberg

Director of Business Advancement,
Adrian Moore Trask
Director of Programming,
Ana Lopes Arechiga
Advancement Manager,
Megan de Roiz Yankee

Human Resources Director,
Lindsay Shettlesworth

Communications Director,
Carolyn Tobias
Digital Marketing Coordinator/UNM Work Study,
Truitt McKinney

Digital Content Manager,
Janel Sanchez
Bookkeeper, Danielle Estabrook
M3 Education Director,
Sophia Phillips

Pre Professional Education Director,
Sarah Gonzales

Community Education/ Mixed Ability Director, Sadie Gelb
Community Volunteer Manager,
Marissa Reynolds

Community Relations/ Box Office Manager, Alissa Trujillo
Concierge, Sebrena Figueroa
Database Manager, Emily Dunkin
Costumer, Diana MacNeil
Tech & Facilities Manager,
Paul Cuffee

Tech & Facilities Support Staff,
Eddie Carrion

Arts & Justice Initiatives Youth Leader Manager, Lara Segura

Arts & Justice Network Youth Leaders

Jaden Adeyemi
Emani Brooks

Juliana Gorena
Julian Jimenez
Alyssa Lopez

Company Dancers

Ana Lopes Arechiga
Sonia Bologa
Lara Segura

Teaching Faculty

Ana Lopes Arechiga
Sarah Bennett
Sonia Bologa
Sadie Gelb
Sarah Gonzales
Shira Greenberg
Diana MacNeil
Sophia Phillips
Marissa Reynolds
Lara Segura
Lindsay Shettlesworth
Alana Tobias
Allyssa Trujillo

Adrian Moore Trask

Keshet Board of Directors,
July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021

President, Thomas Wolinski
Vice President, Manuel Montoya
Treasurer, Randy Trask
Secretary, Sean Herring
Members, Toni Balzano, Arlyn Crow,
Rabbi John Feldman,
Dovya Friedman, Shira Greenberg, Liz Groth, Vanessa Shackleford,
Amy Stangel

Keshet Development Committee

Chair, Tom Wolinski
Dana Ball
Toni Balzano
V Goforth
Colleen Grathwol
Shira Greenberg
Lauren Hyde
Trish Katz
Sandra Marroquin-Evans
Sophia Phillips
Marissa Reynolds
Janel Sanchez
Vanessa Shackleford
Joni Thompson
Carolyn Tobias
Adrian Moore Trask
Peninah Wolpo

Producers ($10,000+)

Albuquerque Community Foundation


Bernalillo County – Economic Development Department

City of Albuquerque – Cultural Services Department

City of Albuquerque – Urban Enhancement Trust Fund

Eurasia Foundation

Groovy Avocado, LLC

Maurice Amado Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Santa Fe Community Foundation

State of New Mexico – New Mexico Arts

State of New Mexico – Small Business CARES Relief via New Mexico Finance Authority


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

United Way of Central New Mexico

US Small Business Administration

Vintage Albuquerque

Western States Arts Federation

Choreographers ($5,000-$9,999)


Rick Letscher and Shira Greenberg*~

Elizabeth Lonergan, PT, DPT*

New England Foundation for the Arts

Nusenda Credit Union Foundation

PTI Electrical Contractors*

PNM Resources Foundation

Sandia Foundation’s Hugh and Helen 
Woodward Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation

Wells Fargo Community Foundation

Divas ($2,500-$4,999)
Adams + Crow Law Firm


Aroha Philanthropies

Dana and Justin Ball*

Robert and Janet Ford

Mark Hartman

New Mexico Humanities Council

Linda Manion*

Todd Pope*

Sheila Fortune Foundation

VMWare Foundation

Wray Law PC

Starlets ($1,000-$2,499)

A+ Marketing Consultants*

Albuquerque Academy

Judith Chazin-Bennahum and David Bennahum

Merrie Courtright

DeSantis Family

Carol and John Feldman, In honor of the Jazzercise New Mexico Collaborative community of staff and customers, a kindred spirit of Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts, which believes in the power of dance for EVERYONE. 

Dan and Karen Gelb*

Marie Gorence

Hanseatic Management Services, Inc.

Lone Sun Builders

Lee and Kenneth Moore

Yashoda Naidoo/Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

New Mexico Trade Alliance*

Pat Berrett Photography*

Bradley Peterson

Jennifer Moore Plane

Positive Energy Solar

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Red Rock Roasters

Alexandra and Robert Smith

Southwest Mail Center*

Kelly Sullivan*

Thomas Wolinski~

Principals ($500-$999)

David Bernstein and Erika Rimson

Cristian and Elvine Bologa

Michele and Richard Cravens

Anthony Girard, in memory
of Valerie Girard

Granberg Law

Green Jeans Farmery

Jewish Federation of New Mexico

Matt Jones

Susan Keith*

KidPower Therapy Associates PC

Lovelace Health System

Julia Maccini

Bruce Malott and Marla Wood

Miryam Miller

Beth Mohr and Janet McHard

Virginia Molina

Manuel Montoya~

Brad Raisher and Melissa Freeman

Stephen Rehnberg and Susan Burgener

Selina Sarmiento

Lindsay and Alan Shettlesworth

Stone Age Climbing Gym

The Daily Grind

Thrive Consulting

Randy Trask

Utility Agency*

Wayward Sons Craft-Distillery*

Ensemble Members ($100-$499)

Paige Abrams and Emma Fliegel, in memory of Scott Fliegel

Meredith Adolf

Harold and Carole Albert

Elisha and Kashia Allen

Kathleen and Stephen Altobelli

Amazon Smile

American Online Giving Foundation

Anthony Anella AIA

Anonymous (3)

Meghan Armstrong*

Leslie and Edward Atler

Penina Ballen

Burt & Company CPAs, LLC

Pat and Tanya Call

Carroll Strategies

Frances Chance

Maria Montoya Chavez and Leland Chavez

Erlinda Sedillo and Isaac Chavez, in honor of our teachers and staff for all they do for our children

Donald Cole, In memory of Kristie Brown

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Roy Courtright

Arlyn Crow and Sam Adams

David Daniell

Lisa Domenici, In honor of my daughter. Keshet shaped her life.

Carolyn Dorfman

Karleen Dunkin*

Barbara Egelman

Sarah Egelman and Daniel Clark~

Joan Eilers

Sheena Ferguson & Heather Garcia, for her Aunt Colleen Grathwol

Sebrena Figueroa

Kathryn Fleddermann*

Bette Fleishman

Garcia’s Kitchen*

Kate Girard

V and Roy Goforth~

Sen. Roberto & Mrs. Charlene Gonzales, In honor of Sarah Gonzales

Sarah Gonzales*

Jim and Ann Gosack

Jessica Greaves

Colleen Grathwol and Scott Ferguson

Tom Greenbaum

Barb Greenberg

Don Halter

Richard Hample

Bianca Harle and Robert Love

Nancy Hazelman, In honor of our niece Sadie Gelb who puts her heart and soul in everything she does.

Jennifer and Lawrence Herrera

Ari and Sean Herring

Matthew Hess~

Tobias Hoellrich

Andrew Hsi

Toni Hubbert

Bob Hume

Jesse and Trista Jackson

Vanessa Jacobsohn and Edgar Solis

Rita James*

Joyce Jaramillo

Norty and Summers Kalishman

Marshall and Patricia Katz

Linda King

Donna Lisotto, in honor of Olivia Warner-Love

Michael Maccini and Barbara Koenig

Mary Mackie

Diana MacNeil

Douglas Madison

Steve Maechtlen

Sandra Martin

Tamra Mason

Michael McCall

Kathy McClendon

Billy Moore

Christine and Nicholas Moore

Doug Moore, In memory of my dear mother, Millie Moore

Mary and Ron Moya

Andie Mungle

Jennie Negin and Harold Folley

Mary Anne Newhall

Laura Nitsos

Theresa Palmer and Kurt Christopher~

Janice and Stuart Paster

Elisa Paster

Peacock Law P.C.

Karen Pound

Dan and Regina Puccetti

R & R Goforth Remodeling

Sarah Resnik

Donna Reynolds

Carmela Romero

Ronna Schelby

Vanessa Shackleford

Mary Ellen and Ron Shettlesworth

Lisa and Hal Smith

Dr. James and Joanne Smith

Mark and Donia Steele

Alexandria and Andrew Steyer, for those who have suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic

Sunny 505

Mo & Cal Taylor Wright

Joni Thompson and Irene Urvanejo

Carolyn and Matthew Tobias~

Token Ibis

Adrian Moore Trask and Nathaniel Trask~

Tami Trask

Honorable Marie Ward, Presiding Judge

Lisa Seifert Weigelt

Shep and Leslie Weinstein

Whitener Law Firm P.A.

Stephanie and Anthony Williams

Jane Wishner

Hugh and Barbara Witemeyer

Taylor and Katherine Wray*

Paula Wynnyckyj

Judith Yandoh

Debra Yoshimura

Marv Zauderer

Linda Zipp

Stagehands ($1-$99)

Anonymous (4)

Samuel Baker and Anat Shinar

Steve Barberio

Gary Bauerschmidt

Dora Bayliss

BFS Propane*

Caul Blakley

Debbie Boggus

Sonia Bologa

Christina Bouajila

Lorie Brau

Merna Brostoff

Marika Brussel

Erica and Greg Castleberry

Lindsay Chambers, In loving memory of Margaret (Peggy) Bennett

Lisa Chaney

Bradford Chin

Terri Christiansen

Harry and Terry Cohen

Krys and Phil Custer

Kim Booker DeLeon

David Dellinger

Amy Ely-McKane

Danielle Estabrook

Rabbi Abraham and Mrs. Linda Ettedgui

Mariah Everett

Elizabeth and Joseph Faulk

Paul Feil

Fiasco Fine Wine LLC*

Dovya Friedman and George Hausner

Marilyn Fuller, In Memory of Hayes Fuller

Spencer Gerwin

Cheryl Gibson

Joyce Goetz, In memory of Margaret (Peggy) Bennett

Ellen and Harley Greenberg

Joanie Griffin

Scott Haskitt

Gina Heise

Emunah Herzog

Martha Hughes

Lori Jameson

Allison Keelin

Pam Kileen


Karin Lawton

Michael Layton

Becky Lee

Marta Lichlyter

Kyra Liebert

Ana and Cesar Lopes Arechiga

Alyssa and Ally Lopez

Sara Love

Vivian and Donald Lubin

Melodi Maker

Sandra Marroquin-Evans and Marc Evans

Sharon Mason

Margaret Maynard, in honor of Josephine Smith

Eric Mazzie

Shannon McKigney

Kristy Medina

Clayton Meredith and Mary Cianflone

Joan Miller

  1. Myers

Barbara Myers

Faye Nitcznski

Luis Oaxaca and Maria Diaz

Evelyn Okamoto

Chanty Oun

Rhiannon Padilla

Janice Palmer

Christine Parks

Angela Payne-Martinez

Burt and Shirley Politz

Elysia Pope

Miranda Portillo

Kevin Silva Ramos

Terra Reed, In honor of Olivia Warner-Love on her BIRTHDAY!

Alison Reitz

Jane and Russell Resnik

Layne Campbell Rincon

Ed Ripp

William and Kattia Rojas

Johannah Saavedra

Arlene Safier

Delora and Bob Saviteer

Paula Scheidel

Larry Sklar and Alison Franks

Nancy Smith

Ethel Smith

Ana Stanley*

Rosemarie Straughan, In Honor Of Kamila Rojas

Samantha Tapia

Jill Toft

Howard Tomar and Judith Smith

Alissa and Mathew Trujillo

Janine Tursini, In honor of Adrian Moore Trask

Ovidiu and Rebecca Viorica

Water, Singing-on-The-Rocks, in memory of BB Beverly

Richard Watson

Western New Mexico University*

Dorotha Wheeler

Jorgie Winsberg and Dennis Soto

Alyssandra Wu

Anna Yamaki

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